Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 Released

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Released on 26 Feb 09, and this changelog was last updated on 27 Feb 09.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 has been released. Release notes are available. This post lists the improvements in Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 over Thunderbird 3 Beta 1. This list encompasses almost every single known fix that went into this release, but excludes platform-wide fixes. Do check out the known issues as well.

Changes in Thunderbird 3 Beta 2: (342)

Thunderbird-specific: (181)

Fixed: 239131 – Thunderbird should use the new password manager

Fixed: 242791 – click-selecting an email displays it instantly. moving between mails using cursors causes annoying delay

Fixed: 249684 – Return Receipt prompt should not use OK/Canel

Fixed: 252250 – Incorrect handling of S/MIME keys with multiple identities (need UI for per-identity cert settings)

Fixed: 306610 – mail summary of inbox runs at start. Miscount of Inbox contents, way OVER actual

Fixed: 313227 – wait x seconds before marking message as read affects wrong message if quick-keying through the message list after timer started

Fixed: 324062 – Password manager list box does not resize vertically with dialog

Fixed: 329432 – Localisation cleanup issues for Thunderbird

Fixed: 331211 – Misleading cursor (hourglass/Busy) displays during IMAP or NNTP processes

Fixed: 335044 – cmd+w doesn’t close About window and Preferences window on OS X

Fixed: 340523 – allow passwords to be saved in master password file if it’s password protected, even if “mail.password_protect_local_cache” is true

Fixed: 350314 – STARTTLS is called TLS in user preferences (remaining IMAP/POP3 case)

Fixed: 354938 – New Mail Sound Browse doesn’t remember last used path

Fixed: 363981 – Add support for adding toolbars in thunderbird

Fixed: 370391 – Tie all descriptions to controls in thunderbird

Fixed: 370951 – File attachment with a ‘#’ (hash, pound sign) in the name cannot be opened nor saved from imap folder

Fixed: 375381 – Edit Draft does not function in standalone msg window (MsgComposeDraftMessage is not defined)

Fixed: 377468 – Clicking new mail popup selects the folder instead of the mail if the mail is moved by a filter

Fixed: 382349 – Unable to shift focus to the Message Body Pane with keyboard (F-6), a problem for blind Users.

Fixed: 383711 – Installer can kill Thunderbird before response given to prompt to save drafts “Thunderbird must be closed to proceed with the installation.”

Fixed: 385197 – embedded image of the attached HTML signature fail to display in email composition window (invisible image)

Fixed: 390801 – Thunderbird “strangely” stores IMAP/POP/LDAP credentials in password manager

Fixed: 394946 – BeOS Thunderbird builds fail in migration code

Fixed: 397781 – tab icons overlap such that close buttons on tabs are “hidden” underneath

Fixed: 406742 – create a separate linux theme space for tb3

Fixed: 410597 – “Disk Space” account settings ambiguous for imap and pop accounts

Fixed: 422907 – crash [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetTrashFolder] quitting thunderbird

Fixed: 423866 – Mail start page needs keyboard shortcut

Fixed: 424218 – missing addressbooks in composition window (due to js/rdf ab implementation)

Fixed: 427627 – [Win] enable jemalloc on thunderbird trunk

Fixed: 429440 – Preview pane must be visible for tabs to render.

Fixed: 432903 – Import wizard have “mail and address books” in the list even when choosing to import “settings”

Fixed: 437635 – Master password always must be entered 3 times

Fixed: 443358 – Retention: take over user defaults during install on Win32

Fixed: 448842 – solution for bug 410333 introducing regression for Japanese users

Fixed: 449560 – Accessibility: Give header email labels (From/To/CC) ARIA label properties in message reading window/pane.

Fixed: 449821 – deal with bugmail threading and change default for mail.thread_without_re

Fixed: 451995 – implement archive method for auto-saving mail

Fixed: 452890 – move System Defaults from General to Advanced -> General

Fixed: 453110 – Update the windows packaging file for Thunderbird.

Fixed: 454973 – No vertical space between label and underline indicating accesskey in Shredder main menu

Fixed: 455098 – Crash [@ objc_msgSend] removing Junk button from toolbar

Fixed: 456829 – messagereader: honor font & color system defaults

Fixed: 456837 – messagereader: extra headers show up in an odd place

Fixed: 456940 – Customize Toolbar leads to doubled account list in “Get Mail” buttons drop down

Fixed: 457939 – messengerWindow needs an attribute to indicate the layout view type (classic, wide or vertical) for CSS selection proposes

Fixed: 460036 – crash clicking on newsgroup [@ msvcr80.dll] [@ memmove – nsTArray_base::ShiftData ]

Fixed: 460287 – Growl notifications should give more info

Fixed: 460409 – Replace “undefined” as the first-run tab title with ” “

Fixed: 461052 – messagereader’s delete and junk buttons shouldn’t keep focus after use

Fixed: 461098 – “Reply All” button missing when in message preview

Fixed: 461317 – Ctrl-Shift-K is a hotkey for two functions — Options/Check Spelling and Format/Discontinue Link

Fixed: 461970 – Remove gopher support from Thunderbird code

Fixed: 462147 – Allow migration from SeaMonkey 2.x profiles

Fixed: 462684 – Combine messagePaneContext and threadPaneContext

Fixed: 462712 – Clean up and minimize NO_PKG_FILES

Fixed: 462762 – Broken mail alert

Fixed: 462843 – Cannot change sort column and direction in contacts sidebar in compose window

Fixed: 463367 – Remove EULA from Thunderbird installer / .dmg and related bits

Fixed: 463470 – Changing radio button for “Place a copy in” doesn’t work (sent mail folder)

Fixed: 463577 – inline forwarded messages show too much html composition chrome

Fixed: 464448 – unable to add more recipients after changing accont from drop down menu

Fixed: 464499 – Vertical scrollbar in Header pane after viewing a message with tag

Fixed: 464782 – forward inline includes reference header in headers

Fixed: 464914 – AltGr (or Ctrl+Alt or plain Alt) triggers email address selection from the contacts autocomplete suggestion list

Fixed: 465015 – drag+drop of message not blocked to its originating folder

Fixed: 465372 – Useless empty tooltip shown when hovering the folder pane below the last folder / newsgroup

Fixed: 465601 – ‘Restart Shredder’ fails after update notice due to shutdown problem with Gloda turned on

Fixed: 465668 – “Composition Toolbar” menuitem has wrong accesskey

Fixed: 465939 – “Mark folder read” isn’t clearing indications on collapsed threads

Fixed: 466019 – allow switching to tabs in new tabbed interface (via ctrl+tab number)

Fixed: 466261 – Missing Outbox icon in Folder Pane

Fixed: 466342 – editContactOverlay over-CSSes

Fixed: 466385 – no Thunderbird symbols for Mac crashers for nightlies

Fixed: 466397 – tweak entity names so that all locales pick up the removal of ellipsis from reply & forward

Fixed: 466519 – remove mail.showFolderPaneColumns prefs (since expanded columns is no longer supported)

Fixed: 466530 – Create new/correct string for what’s new tab.

Fixed: 466674 – default action should be to send out html + plaintext w/o asking

Fixed: 466730 – file compact folders isn’t compacting imap offline stores

Fixed: 466732 – Move from SIDump to log4moz usage

Fixed: 466784 – Port bug 462762 windows changes to the unix integration for new mail alerts.

Fixed: 466880 – move Thunderbird fork of mailWidgets.xml to mail/

Fixed: 466890 – add gl to mail/locales/all-locales file

Fixed: 466925 – ‘M’ keyboard shortcut for “mark as unread” no longer works in standalone open message window

Fixed: 467012 – Opening mails in message window gives only a blank window

Fixed: 467093 – 3.0 beta 1 – update shipped-locales with locales to include in the build

Fixed: 467117 – Convert nsSpotlightIntegration and nsWinSearchIntegration to JS modules

Fixed: 467363 – tracking bug for build and release of Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 1

Fixed: 467809 – Advanced address search recognizes only the first condition

Fixed: 467813 – Tracking Bug: Fixes for Beta 1 respin

Fixed: 467855 – Folderpane should make it possible for extensions to specify bundles for new text to use in label for new modes

Fixed: 467878 – Define MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH based on milestone.txt, to ifdef for different mozilla-centrals

Fixed: 467934 – Win2k3 c-c l10n thunderbird build machine got stuck

Fixed: 467994 – drag and drop subfolder to root of account is blocked/fails

Fixed: 468032 – nsIURIFixup not defined (in nsMailDefaultHandler.js)

Fixed: 468081 – no confirmation deleting saved searches (virtual folders) which is undoable

Fixed: 468198 – Fix Spotlight .mozeml generation code

Fixed: 468235 – Tidy up /other-licenses/branding/thunderbird/locales/

Fixed: 468335 – AddFileAttachment and AddUrlAttachment functions

Fixed: 468481 – Don’t show the What’s New page for new profiles.

Fixed: 468622 – Mac: generate breakpad .sym from dwarf symbols instead of stabs

Fixed: 468704 – Option to autohide tab bar

Fixed: 468774 – Preference window incorrectly shows default font

Fixed: 469052 – Message and Folder move/copy/delete operations should be shown on the Activity Manager window

Fixed: 469053 – Autosync progress should be shown on the Activity Manager window

Fixed: 469324 – Right click/New Folder broken under some circumstances

Fixed: 469396 – Don’t re-read version.txt when we can just use MOZ_APP_VERSION

Fixed: 469448 – Scrolling in folder pane is unbearably slow when no .msf files exist for a couple of subfolders

Fixed: 469587 – Add Icelandic to Thunderbird 3.0pre builds

Fixed: 469655 – Drop intermediate Makefiles in mail/themes

Fixed: 469724 – Duplicate accesskey in Migration wizard

Fixed: 470067 – Thunderbird 3.0b1 changes IMAP TLS port 143 to 993 when upgrading from v2 (when no mail.server.serverN.port entry in prefs.js)

Fixed: 470112 – Preference mail.toolbars.showbutton.junk doesn’t work in Thunderbird – remove old prefs from about:config

Fixed: 470119 – opening eml file generates markHasAttachments exception

Fixed: 470145 – Add capability to desktop search integration to switch states on the fly

Fixed: 470185 – Update mail/ copyright dates to 2009

Fixed: 470194 – Save/restore thread pane scroll position in tabs

Fixed: 470263 – Use of <tree> needs to be updated to keep current selection in view upon reflow.

Fixed: 470320 – Don’t modify DIRS after including

Fixed: 470392 – Update Thunderbird installer for Unicode support and locale verification

Fixed: 470508 – useless CSS rule for #gray_vertical_splitter

Fixed: 470509 – typo in id “threadPaneContet-openNewTab”

Fixed: 470592 – Messages no longer marked as read when hitting “Next Message” in an open message window

Fixed: 470688 – From: address selection dropdown doesn’t show account name after address anymore

Fixed: 470913 – Thunderbird does not set itself as default mail client in the Windows start menu

Fixed: 471014 – Remove useless unmoving throbbers in compose and addressbook windows

Fixed: 471130 – import Outlook Express (oexpress). folders appear but are empty

Fixed: 471223 – Remove vestigal tag-anchor.gif

Fixed: 471307 – “Rebuild Index” feature creating corrupted .msf index files

Fixed: 471313 – Remove some useless editor CSS

Fixed: 471363 – localization notes in pointing to the wrong entities (Thunderbird part)

Fixed: 471368 – strange entity-names in (”subsribe” instead of “subscribe”) (Thunderbird part)

Fixed: 471642 – Failed to compile thunderbird-bin on OpenSolaris

Fixed: 472269 – LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not set when running thunderbird from mozilla/dist/bin on Solaris

Fixed: 472541 – use tango palette for quote borders

Fixed: 472621 – Thunderbird fails to use some fonts for the default font of HTML messages, if the font has non-ASCII name.

Fixed: 472795 – Updater should use brand name string and not hardcode Thunderbird

Fixed: 472988 – thread pane loses saved search’s folder location column when switching tabs

Fixed: 473001 – Re-add support to reorder newsgroups using drag drop

Fixed: 473036 – s/_content/content/

Fixed: 473143 – Delete icon on toolbar doesn’t change to disabled when the text does

Fixed: 473145 – Dock animation doesn’t work on IMAP reception

Fixed: 473207 – clean up after gnomestripe landing (and more)

Fixed: 473215 – hide/disable archive button when in archive folder

Fixed: 473217 – archive command doesn’t work in rss feeds

Fixed: 473493 – archive folder should sort towards the top of the folder pane

Fixed: 473529 – Archives folder doesn’t use localized name in L10n builds

Fixed: 473550 – Deleting confirm dialog pop up when right clicking on the bottom right of the attachment pane

Fixed: 473781 – Changes in “Junk Settings” are not permanent

Fixed: 473907 – Compact folders when it will save over kb crashes – various top of stack – windows: [@ @0x4d8dd6ff], [@ [email protected]] – [@ nsMsgDBFolder::CompactAllOfflineStore] Mac:? linux: [@ [email protected]]

Fixed: 473936 – Use javascriptConsole as Error Console menuitem id for better extension compatibility

Fixed: 474307 – Get Thunderbird building with the Windows 7 SDK

Fixed: 474781 – Add ta-LK to the Thunderbird build

Fixed: 474807 – Margin and Padding CSS rules should be independent of UI direction (LTR or RTL)

Fixed: 474848 – archive folder picker broken in identity manager

Fixed: 474969 – Drop the old chrome start page

Fixed: 474978 – Move generation of install.rdf for default theme to be alongside theme files.

Fixed: 475888 – ${BrandFullName} needs to be quoted in shared.nsh

Fixed: 476135 – Clicking on bad newsgroup link messes up Thunderbird’s accounts

Fixed: 476218 – default archives folder of global-inboxed pop account is on incoming account, can’t leave copies & folders account settings page

Fixed: 476271 – Remove close key in preferences.xul

Fixed: 476279 – Incomplete Header in Account Settings – Security

Fixed: 476330 – Replace InfoText with Info in updater.ini using sed in locales

Fixed: 476383 – icon for deleted attachment aren’t found due to wrong names x3

Fixed: 476491 – Compose window opens with lower half ‘blank’ after specific steps

Fixed: 476555 – change “mark as junk” button to “junk”

Fixed: 476566 – Thunderbird does not give confirmation that it is the default email client (missing stringbundle for

Fixed: 476700 – Activity Manager: Enable UI

Fixed: 476836 – (Activity Manager) “%s” should be added in plural-form messages

Fixed: 477011 – Unable to get directory path for directories immediately under some symlinks

Fixed: 477029 – Move “special” tab definitions into their own file

Fixed: 477206 – Remove installer code that adds unused registry key values

Fixed: 477384 – Remove searchplugins occurrences from mail/locales/

Fixed: 477832 – Add a hidden pref for not closing the window with the last tab (mail.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab)

Fixed: 478514 – buttons in message reader pane don’t have active state

Fixed: 478571 – JavaScript component does not have a method named: “folderAdded”‘ when calling method: [nsIMsgFolderListener::folderAdded]

Fixed: 478769 – Trunk nightly builds need to point to the MoMo AUS server

Fixed: 478777 – Add Vietnamese (vi) to Thunderbird

Fixed: 478986 – typo in autosync.js

Fixed: 479505 – Fix header theme to work well in XP as well as Vista

Fixed: 479632 – Recent folders view displays the same as the previous one (ie: either all or favorite folders)

MailNews Core: (161)

Fixed: 49159 – nice_html_only_p always FALSE, can be removed

Fixed: 65775 – unable to undo Mark All Read

Fixed: 66150 – don’t allow more than N open nntp connections to a server

Fixed: 93753 – Import from Outlook Express does not respect message flags

Fixed: 115091 – Mail subfolder(IMAP) can not have a # sign in the name.

Fixed: 125631 – mail search and filters: default should be “all” instead of “any”

Fixed: 126491 – the “Card for” issue: what do use for title for cards without generated names or emails

Fixed: 150632 – Collecting addresses should not overwrite existing entries

Fixed: 155172 – If stored SMTP password is incorrect, no prompt is made for correct one

Fixed: 160027 – Import from Outlook Express: Lost “Mark as read” information

Fixed: 208197 – If user marks a message as Not Junk, move message to inbox

Fixed: 216613 – when importing some mails’ dates are set to year 2101

Fixed: 236774 – Support -compose mailto url

Fixed: 254519 – Incorrect RFC 2047 encoding and decoding: encoded-words not treated as atoms within headers

Fixed: 259212 – Get All New Messages is not functioning

Fixed: 259228 – Edit Card dialog too high for some localizations.

Fixed: 261882 – Import & Export to/from text files (CSV,TAB) fails to include “Screenname” field

Fixed: 313234 – crash [@ nsPop3Sink::IncorporateComplete]

Fixed: 324147 – Retention policy should not delete flagged/starred messages

Fixed: 327872 – mozillaAbPersonAlpha.schema vs openldap == problems with “fax” field

Fixed: 355342 – warning: `nsCopyRequest::m_newMsgFlags’ will be initialized after `PRBool nsCopyRequest::m_processed’

Fixed: 359339 – messages marked as junk and moved to trash folder lose junk status (with IMAP server who doesn’t support user-defined keywords)

Fixed: 369096 – confusing preferences choices re: offline data storage

Fixed: 370306 – Move Address Book’s local autocomplete implementations to be based on toolkit’s

Fixed: 374577 – Revise message CAPS policies; enable JS for non-message content by default; remove javascript.allow.mailnews hack from script security mgr

Fixed: 375468 – Previous window does not activate (get its focus back) after closing and saving a message from Compose

Fixed: 384490 – Remove nsHashTable from mailnews

Fixed: 392529 – delete key doesn’t delete selected mail filter(s)

Fixed: 417285 – Thunderbird inappropriately displays an alert when IMAP server returns a “NO” to list command

Fixed: 433316 – Implement backend changes for MailNews transfer from wallet to login manager.

Fixed: 433619 – Reminder flag for compact folder popup ineffective when clicking “NO”

Fixed: 436044 – nsMsgFolderFlags.h should be an idl file

Fixed: 437886 – nsIMsgDBService::openFolderDB unusable from JavaScript

Fixed: 440594 – Emoticons lack trailing space

Fixed: 440793 – Optimize email workflow through better async

Fixed: 443099 – [GSoC] Create an extension to synchronize an Address Book with Google Contacts

Fixed: 447842 – Provide support for building a JavaScript message representation

Fixed: 448289 – Cannot tag message with digits on shifted top row of AZERTY keyboard (keypad digits work OK)

Fixed: 451405 – Provide detailed output from junk bayesian filter

Fixed: 452866 – Teach Socorro/crash-stats about comm-central

Fixed: 453763 – nsIMsgFolderNotificationService needs a folderAdded notification

Fixed: 453928 – Reevaluate MailNews use of CAPS

Fixed: 455310 – Unfork Account Manager Security Preferences (am-smime.*)

Fixed: 458781 – 1 nsStringBuffer leak triggered by test_bug353415-1.html, test_bug353415-2.html, test_bug392567.html and scriptaculous/…

Fixed: 459484 – Growl alerts should be allowed to happen at the same time.

Fixed: 460941 – DIR_Shutdown not always called on shutdown

Fixed: 461911 – Remove remaining XP_MAC code from /mailnews

Fixed: 462017 – [SeaMonkey, MacOSX] test_server.js fails intermittently

Fixed: 463096 – make NNTP use socket type, and msgIncomingServer.isSecure readonly

Fixed: 464419 – thunderbird crashed when exiting NS_LogCOMPtrRelease_P

Fixed: 464425 – Local Folders untranslated account name in fresh profiles

Fixed: 465113 – Gloda: parentPart is undefined; components/jsmimeemitter.js Line: 279

Fixed: 465381 – os integration new mail hooks don’t get notifications if biff hasn’t cleared

Fixed: 465616 – gloda message queries return deleted messages by default

Fixed: 465701 – Birthday field has l12y issue

Fixed: 465892 – Make wholeText noAccess for mailnews

Fixed: 465988 – Port bug 462451, bug 464379, bug 464127 to comm-central

Fixed: 466067 – gloda should convert messages with only HTML bodies to text for full-text indexing

Fixed: 466212 – gloda falls back to hard-coded string “Me” to create user identity, should be l10n’ed or dropped if not needed

Fixed: 466731 – Gloda: “Error: this._log is undefined”; modules/gloda/datastore.js Line: 1194

Fixed: 466753 – import Outlook Express settings from identity not named ‘Main Identity’ fails.

Fixed: 467003 – Get rid of Components.returnCode use in mailnews/ and mail/

Fixed: 467041 – Auto-Sync improvement: new e-mail download policy change

Fixed: 467052 – Introduce GLOBAL_DEPS to build system

Fixed: 467087 – Update version of log4moz in gloda

Fixed: 467114 – crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::NormalEndHeaderParseStream(nsIImapProtocol*, nsIImapUrl*)]

Fixed: 467538 – Replace nsIMsgRecipientArray with a simple, javascript-compatible array

Fixed: 467685 – Gloda message indexer and grokNounItem concept of “new” is insufficient, results in db errors

Fixed: 467965 – Improve some of the string interfaces on nsISmtpServer

Fixed: 468040 – nsImapFolder’s notifyDownloadedLines / m_downloadMessageForOfflineUse flag breaks when confronted with autosync and gloda

Fixed: 468050 – Linux gloda tests are frequently failing on tinderbox

Fixed: 468108 – 1.9.1 builds need to update l10n.ini to point to releases/mozilla-1.9.1 instead of mozilla-central

Fixed: 468155 – offline download button on imap folder props doesn’t work

Fixed: 468344 – remove gloda modules from removed-files

Fixed: 468364 – Shouldn’t be necessary for nsLocalMoveCopyMsgTxn to implement QueryInterface

Fixed: 468404 – gloda Log4Moz unit testing addition glitch from upgrade [this._formatter is undefined]

Fixed: 468444 – Make definitions for default port constants on our various protocols consistent and accessible from script

Fixed: 468486 – Leak & Bloat tests should not start up with the What’s New page

Fixed: 468915 – comm-central build fails if built in srcdir

Fixed: 469090 – Editing vcard info on identity of email account starts with empty form

Fixed: 469231 – new message headers arriving in folders sometimes not displayed

Fixed: 469392 – MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH define doesn’t work in C++ code

Fixed: 469569 – Drop pointlessly copying mailViews.dat to en-US/

Fixed: 469606 – |nsEudoraEditor.cpp(134) : error C2511: ‘nsresult nsEudoraEditor::PreDestroy(void)’ : overloaded member function not found in ‘nsEudoraEditor’|, with m-c trunk

Fixed: 469799 – De-COM nsSmtpServer::getIntPrefWithDefault

Fixed: 469807 – SMTP protocol needs protocol handlers for toolkit password manager.

Fixed: 469977 – Tidy up some of mailbox protocol handler and provide unit test

Fixed: 470011 – playback of offline imap operations needs to check if dest folder exists

Fixed: 470151 – nsImapMailFolder::AddSubfolder needs to notify about new folder.

Fixed: 470170 – Two gloda namespace/naming issues

Fixed: 470219 – nsMsgNewsFolder::UpdateSummaryFromNNTPInfo leaves .msf files open

Fixed: 470269 – creating root imap folder ignores personal namespace

Fixed: 470410 – Implement basic protocol handler tests for IMAP and News protocols.

Fixed: 470447 – Auto-Sync improvement: Default folder strategy should give higher priority to the folders opened by the user

Fixed: 470725 – fixes oexpress import settings and adds NNTP import

Fixed: 470835 – crash [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::AddMessage]

Fixed: 470850 – Add IMAP nsIMsgFolderListener tests

Fixed: 470973 – Add unit tests for POP3 and News when hostname/username have changed from their original account values

Fixed: 471071 – js db listeners cause double destroy of nsMsgDatabase

Fixed: 471093 – make -C {calendar,mail,suite}/locales langpack-AB_CD is not compatible with –enable-chrome-format=flat

Fixed: 471131 – NNTP: Incomplete loading of multiple inline images/content

Fixed: 471376 – The MOZ_SECURITY is a lie

Fixed: 471445 – Remove bogus unused strings for error conditions in

Fixed: 471501 – Remove unused strings

Fixed: 471682 – Messages in corresponding “Sent” folder inaccessible after sending due to .msf index file corruption

Fixed: 471885 – Bayes analysis should set probability = 0 or 1 with unbalanced tokens

Fixed: 472005 – Bayes trait analysis sees keyword header, which biases the evaluation

Fixed: 472021 – mail.unknown is not a sandwich

Fixed: 472022 – crash [@ nsPop3Sink::AbortMailDelivery]

Fixed: 472028 – Crash on “Edit Draft” when mail is encrypted [@ mime_decode_filename]

Fixed: 472101 – Drop nsIMsgIncomingServer::rememberPassword (unneeded option)

Fixed: 472137 – cross folder views don’t update flags when msg flags changed outside the view

Fixed: 472446 – Unrecoverable corruption if “Rebuild Index” function used on unfocused folder with corrupt .msf file

Fixed: 472492 – Multiple dumps: “ex = TypeError: GetDBView() is null” when attempting to compose a message with account central view selected

Fixed: 472811 – Allow setting and testing of SMTP Auth mechanisms in fake server

Fixed: 473373 – Archive function doesn’t work if set to archive to local folders.

Fixed: 473458 – nsIMsgFolder::GetMessages and nsMsgDBFolder::GetDatabase don’t need nsIMsgWindow arguments

Fixed: 473594 – LDAP lookup configuration entries are corrupted

Fixed: 473715 – LDAP fails to initialise in compose window

Fixed: 473740 – Tidy up send later service and drop the nsIMessenger middle-man

Fixed: 473827 – remove pulling of wallet from

Fixed: 473924 – thunderbird crashes when trying to open a base64 encode vcard [@ fakeCString]

Fixed: 474000 – click+drag message in search messages results window doesn’t pick up message

Fixed: 474259 – Outgoing email addresses get collected even if in OSX address book

Fixed: 474277 – Incorrect use of RealUsername/RealHostname in nsMsgIncomingServer::GetPasswordWithUI

Fixed: 474283 – Drop redundant nsMsgSimulateError.h debug code

Fixed: 474288 – SMTP passwords should always be saved

Fixed: 474315 – Personalized Tags are not taken into account properly by filters

Fixed: 474439 – name incorrect with ldap lookup

Fixed: 474461 – l10n afterpush builds incorrectly reported as testfailed status

Fixed: 474759 – Trunk builds broken due to ParseString change

Fixed: 474774 – ###!!! ASSERTION: URI is empty: ‘!aURI.IsEmpty()’ when sending email with no FCC set or when saving to send later.

Fixed: 475033 – log4moz utility function to provide preconfigured loggers

Fixed: 475111 – port bug 471685, bug 469558, bug 464190, bug 467579, bug 397227, bug 463420, bug 466492, bug 471188, bug 467271, bug 466486 to comm-central

Fixed: 475120 – port bug 464154, bug 453840, bug 472431 to comm-central locale Makefiles

Fixed: 475163 – Trunk bloat tests failing due to changed structure

Fixed: 475359 – ASSERTION: space only keyword: ‘keywords.IsEmpty() || keywords.CharAt(0) != ‘ ”

Fixed: 475900 – nsIAbDirectoryQueryArguments changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 475903 – nsIFolderListener interface changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 475904 – nsIImapMailFolderSink interface changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 475906 – nsIImportMail and nsIImportMailboxDescriptor interfaces changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 475907 – nsINNTPNewsgroupList.idl inderface changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 475909 – nsIMailtoUrl interface changed without changing uuid

Fixed: 476149 – make unit tests work again on comm-central

Fixed: 476418 – JavaScript exception in UpdateJunkButton when opening an .eml message file

Fixed: 476467 – “###!!! ASSERTION: child count gone negative:” when sending unsent email

Fixed: 476474 – Standardise output of TestImapHdrXferInfo.cpp test.

Fixed: 476498 – attach.js is unused and can be removed

Fixed: 476628 – Switch nsMsgSendLater from nsISupportsArray to nsCOMArray

Fixed: 476960 – IMAP Hang involving UI thread

Fixed: 477030 – Bayes calculation error, anti/pro counts swapped in denom

Fixed: 477054 – Implement onProgress for the send later service, and fix counts for sending more than once in the same session.

Fixed: 477098 – fancy_links_p in MimeDisplayOptions is unused

Fixed: 477588 – If Send Unsent Messages fails, then you can’t re-attempt in the same session.

Fixed: 477680 – Improve the nsIMsgSendLater interfaces and tidy a few bits of code.

Fixed: 478113 – nsMsgDBView::GetCellValue leaks strings

Fixed: 478175 – multipart/related creates duplicate child at unexpected position, resulting in confusion for multipart/alternative children

Fixed: 478176 – multipart/signed does not generate JS emitter events for its immediate payload child

Fixed: 479163 – After undo move/delete/archive of pop3 mail, date displays as start of the epoch

Fixed: 479206 – Crash [@ construct_addresslist] when entering an invalid email address

Fixed: 479705 – Slow script warnings on bloat tests

Official Windows installer

Official Linux (i686)

Official Mac (Universal binary)

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