Sunbird 0.9 Released

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Released on 23 Sep 08, and this changelog was last updated on 24 Sep 08.

Sunbird 0.9 has been released. Release notes are available (Sunbird / Lightning). This post lists the improvements in Sunbird 0.9 over 0.8. This list encompasses almost every single known fix that went into this release. Do check out the known issues (Sunbird / Lightning) as well.

Both Sunbird and Lightning are in development stage, so their functionalities might change and bugs may be present. The builds are recommended for developers.

Please remember to install updated timezones for Windows beforehand. Information on obtaining the updated timezones can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 931836.

New features & significant changes in 0.9: (from release notes)

Events spanning days now have a visual indicator indicating them as connected events

When reloading a remote calendar a progress indicator is now shown

The so-called “minimonth” (small calendar month in the upper left) has been given a visual overhaul

The calendar views (day, week, multiweek, month) have been given a visual overhaul

The today pane can now be displayed in calendar mode and task mode as well

CalDAV support and interoperability with various CalDAV servers has been improved

iMip/iTip support (support for email invitations) has been greatly improved

The application stability and memory consumption has been greatly improved

Lightning 0.9 is intended to be the last release for the Thunderbird 2 series. For the future we are planning to integrate Lightning fully into the upcoming Thunderbird 3 release

Changes in 0.9: (397)


Fixed: 129660 – iCalendar standard tracking bug

Fixed: 199732 – Events spanning days are seen as multiple events (display)

Fixed: 202360 – Color Coding of Tasks and Events (multiple classification)

Fixed: 248342 – alarm goes off for completed tasks

Fixed: 273600 – Task Progress bar

Fixed: 274793 – leaking JS atoms and GC roots

Fixed: 290325 – Font is too small and gets cut off when event time is less than 30 minutes

Fixed: 298347 – minimonth needs much polish

Fixed: 319909 – Failure to properly serialize/unserialize ics ATTACH properties

Fixed: 322059 – Current year not visible in any view

Fixed: 322979 – views should not scroll the labelling columns along the non-scrolling axis

Fixed: 323952 – no progress indicator when reloading remote calendars

Fixed: 325701 – add css style for all day events

Fixed: 326792 – ‘Next’ button doesn’t change to active when dragging an URL into text field

Fixed: 340752 – Undefined variable error in Makefile

Fixed: 348009 – Drag and Drop in Month view freezes Un*x desktops

Fixed: 350218 – “Hide completed tasks” should work for main view like for tasks panel

Fixed: 352513 – Localizability issues with newevent.recurrence.every.label in calendar.dtd

Fixed: 354979 – Timezone names sorted by their English names

Fixed: 357706 – Alarms fired too late (alarm timer stopped while hibernating)

Fixed: 358695 – Week(Multiday)view: vertical time column too wide, should be narrower

Fixed: 363191 – Handle Timezones more efficiently (Timezone Database)

Fixed: 363218 – Migrator: migrating evolution files not working

Fixed: 363932 – Delete Warning should be redesigned

Fixed: 367153 – Event text not readable in calendar view during inline editing (due to unselection)

Fixed: 367456 – Memory usage increases after Reload Remote Calendars (memory leak)

Fixed: 368865 – REG_APP_DESC should be removed from the Calendar 1.8 branch

Fixed: 368976 – Cannot undefine alarm for an exception

Fixed: 370150 – API enhancement: additions for group scheduling

Fixed: 374464 – Context menu: rename Edit Item / Delete Item entry to Edit / Delete

Fixed: 375631 – New TASK column: Days to Due

Fixed: 377753 – Look and Feel of minimonths should be adapted

Fixed: 377761 – Outlook 200x does not recognize iTIP/iMIP invitation because of MIME type issues

Fixed: 381998 – exceptions to a rule of recurring events should inherit alarm settings

Fixed: 382822 – Some accesskeys don’t work in Options/Preferences dialog

Fixed: 386596 – Option to show completed Tasks should be moved to the menu

Fixed: 387398 – Missing (Client, Server) Certificate support

Fixed: 387402 – Short or zero-length events are hard or not selectable in Day/Week view

Fixed: 389251 – Cannot dismiss alarm on single overridden instance of recurring item

Fixed: 390020 – Double click on “All Day” section in day/week view should open event Dialog with “All day” selected

Fixed: 390194 – [Proto] Event/Recurrence dialog: Width is too small for all three minimonths

Fixed: 390313 – Tooltip too narrow with some Windows themes, text is truncated

Fixed: 391281 – Mouse wheel scrolling for day boxes

Fixed: 391495 – calRecurrenceInfo::getNextOccurrence/getNextOccurrenceDate have bugs

Fixed: 392561 – Need to revise provider error notifications

Fixed: 392855 – [Today Pane] ‘Show Today Pane’ button not available with fresh profile

Fixed: 393769 – [Trunk] Mouseover tooltips aren’t shown

Fixed: 393998 – Next button in new calendar dialog is disabled when changes are cancelled

Fixed: 395017 – Event & Task dialog for read-only calendars don’t show start time and end/due date and time

Fixed: 395928 – Event Dialog: Unify wording by renaming Importance to Priority

Fixed: 396075 – “New Calendar” dialog: sentences should get punctuation marks

Fixed: 397026 – Organizer’s E-Mail Account should be selectable

Fixed: 397896 – Sync snooze default preference value between Sunbird and Lightning

Fixed: 402482 – No scroll-bar for all-day events

Fixed: 402539 – Description and location not preserved when moving instance of recurring event

Fixed: 402836 – Scroll wheel behavior

Fixed: 405222 – Time format not respected in prefs window

Fixed: 405784 – Import .csv failed

Fixed: 406581 – Enhance cal::detectTimezone() to dump errors

Fixed: 410755 – [Trunk] It is not possible to resize and reorder the columns of the task list

Fixed: 411958 – Use tinderboxen to build gdata-provider nightlies

Fixed: 412962 – The filters of task pane should contain “Open Tasks” or “Not Completed Tasks”

Fixed: 413101 – calendar view missing background

Fixed: 413103 – Unify and localize string building for time intervals [start + ” – ” + end]

Fixed: 413265 – Some timezones not mapped correctly

Fixed: 413847 – Timezone preference changes require restart to take effect

Fixed: 413908 – Events using internal timezones are no longer updated to recent timezone version

Fixed: 414565 – Show relative date string in alarms for tomorrow’s events

Fixed: 414932 – Change String Name imipHtml.Comment to imipHtml.comment

Fixed: 416195 – selected calendar not highlighted in import and export

Fixed: 416594 – [Task Mode] Priority and progress buttons are broken after customizing toolbar

Fixed: 416604 – Error when selecting all day event in Agenda [Error: this.calendarView has no properties]

Fixed: 417020 – UTC and floating are missing in time zone picker

Fixed: 417457 – [Trunk] Remove XPInstall leftovers from packages files

Fixed: 417539 – Remove obsolete event dialog files and strings

Fixed: 417681 – Please put Prev and Next scroll arrows for month view adjacent to each other instead of on opposite sides of the screen.

Fixed: 418058 – Add tooltip to X button in unifinder

Fixed: 418414 – Remove obsolete Jan Mayen references

Fixed: 420832 – Crash on exit while caldav-Calendars are being reloaded [@ OperationStreamListener::OnStopRequest]

Fixed: 420840 – Tracking bug for 0.8 RC cleanup

Fixed: 421307 – TaskMode: synchronize FilterOptions with FilterOptions in Menu

Fixed: 421574 – Sunbird static build fails due to missing BeOS bindings

Fixed: 421886 – Itip/Imip doesn’t handle REPLY and CANCEL methods

Fixed: 422369 – Make Calendar styles LTR (left-to-right) and RTL (right-to-left) agnostic

Fixed: 422630 – [Pinstripe] Fix groupbox theme regression caused by bug 421814

Fixed: 422640 – enable View menu-items

Fixed: 423172 – Leaks in calRecurrenceInfo

Fixed: 423503 – Memory leaks in lightning

Fixed: 426140 – Wrong sort order for priority

Fixed: 426746 – Consolidate startup code

Fixed: 426759 – Create calIAlarm interface

Fixed: 427276 – Changes to repeating event doesn’t save if “this occurrence only” is selected. Works on second attempt.

Fixed: 427458 – Completed task time is shown in UTC and not in local time

Fixed: 428236 – Selecting snooze times from alarm popup always causes the first entry to be highlighted

Fixed: 428274 – Can’t accept Invitation when received via a mailgroup since Lightning 0.8

Fixed: 428324 – Creating new profile fails on some systems; error in reading from storage.sdb

Fixed: 428392 – Accepting invitation doesn’t add event to calender – falsely reporting “not an attendee” if not received in default account

Fixed: 428715 – Between 23:00 and 00:00, the default event start date is 00:00 of the next day

Fixed: 428798 – Remove obsolete CSS rules .next-button:hover:active and .prev-button:hover:active

Fixed: 428922 – Remove even more obsolete CSS rules

Fixed: 428933 – Consolidate view-specific CSS rules in calendar-views.css

Fixed: 429093 – Add margin to Event List for Today Pane

Fixed: 429101 – Missing styling on navigation buttons in main calendar view

Fixed: 429255 – Lightning not emailing invites for CalDAV calendars

Fixed: 429313 – open the invitation dialog when the counter is ‘Zero’ -> error console output

Fixed: 429488 – Email drag and drop populates attendee list and causes failure to save event.

Fixed: 429664 – Floating events overlapps events with timezone

Fixed: 429685 – Toggling of ‘Delete’ – toolbarbutton in calendar-mode and task-mode does not work

Fixed: 429687 – Follow-up features for the mode dependent today-pane

Fixed: 429908 – Minimonth broken on Trunk

Fixed: 429911 – [Minimonth] Year Popup doesn’t listen to scrollwheel.

Fixed: 429912 – Packaging cleanup for crashreporter.xpt

Fixed: 429927 – Remove outdated comment from calendar/base/

Fixed: 429938 – no cancelation message is send to attendees if event is deleted

Fixed: 430062 – remove some 1.8.0 branch specific code from calManager

Fixed: 430382 – Updated calendar views

Fixed: 430430 – Consolidate context menus

Fixed: 430805 – [RFE] Permit to change the default free/busy attribute policy for all-day events

Fixed: 431031 – Remove files from resources/content/converters directory

Fixed: 431041 – Correct tooltip for Print toolbarbutton

Fixed: 431218 – multiple install: targets missing in calendar/ tree in sunbird 0.8

Fixed: 431395 – Remove ununsed files from /calendar/resources/content/

Fixed: 431522 – Can’t add an invitation to an event if the same event is already in one of your calendars

Fixed: 431536 – Only one invitation can be accepted per Thunderbird session

Fixed: 431732 – Use the createEventFromIcalString helper in unit tests

Fixed: 431733 – Remove unused images from /calendar/resources/skins/classic

Fixed: 431852 – Move calendarProperties.xul/js from resources to base

Fixed: 431980 – Tasks marked as completed disappear from tasks list in task mode

Fixed: 432224 – Remove more obsolete event dialog files (follow-up from bug 417539)

Fixed: 432417 – calRecurrenceInfo::onStartDateChange leaves wrong RECURRENCE-IDs

Fixed: 432660 – [RFE] Choose email account when sending mail

Fixed: 432701 – Drag shadow in month/multiweek view is too large, fills up entire space

Fixed: 432703 – Changing month with scroll wheel throws error [Error: this.dayitems.firstChild has no properties]

Fixed: 432793 – Get rid of “move” transaction type

Fixed: 432794 – Allow loading chrome scripts in test cases

Fixed: 432877 – Custom recurrence description is broken (regression)

Fixed: 432956 – calIcsSerializer code bug

Fixed: 432957 – Lightning build 2008050820 with network calendars -> Error at startup

Fixed: 432985 – Category colors are not displayed

Fixed: 432992 – Replace getService() with createInstance() calls for nsIConverterOutputStream

Fixed: 432998 – Creating event ignores selected date and creates event for today

Fixed: 433229 – Remove empty /calendar/base/content/calendar-alarm-widget.css

Fixed: 433250 – Add nn-NO (Norwegian – Nynorsk) localization

Fixed: 433352 – Day/week view: category color is used for the entire event box

Fixed: 433462 – correct calGetString() callers

Fixed: 433500 – IMIP bar does not display anymore [Error: identity.toLowerCase is not a function]

Fixed: 433604 – Error: hideElement is not defined (at chrome://lightning/content/imip-bar.js Line: 154)

Fixed: 433753 – ship Sunbird in Romanian [ro]

Fixed: 433772 – Edit/New Task Dialog resets Due Date if Start Date is modified

Fixed: 433839 – Uncaught exception in dnd code

Fixed: 433843 – Revise or remove getFloatingDate

Fixed: 433892 – Specialize calendar list tree style

Fixed: 434092 – Allow disabling calendars completely (i.e on an outage)

Fixed: 434188 – calIDatetime::icalString should enforce timezone

Fixed: 434291 – fix calendar-ui-utils’ addMenuItem

Fixed: 434735 – Consolidate authentication code

Fixed: 434985 – Remove unused entities and properties

Fixed: 435083 – Day/week view: Event boxes don’t show color but are transparent

Fixed: 435447 – Today pane events don’t change color when calendar color is changed

Fixed: 435634 – Missing ids in calendar-calendars-list.xul

Fixed: 435795 – Can’t open Edit Task dialog via Return key for first entry in task list

Fixed: 435904 – untitled tasks generate an exception when sorting

Fixed: 436030 – Calendar services should specify nsIClassInfo::SINGLETON

Fixed: 436391 – new sb-win32-tbox not doing l10n repackaging and/or reporting

Fixed: 436481 – JS error ‘cal has no properties’ in composite calendar

Fixed: 437347 – zero-length events/tasks overlaps in calendar view

Fixed: 437398 – Invitation Link broken (currently WCAP only): createXULElement is undefined

Fixed: 437412 – zero-length and short events are shown at the wrong times in the timegrid

Fixed: 437442 – Update timezone definitions

Fixed: 437593 – invitations link should be provided in mail mode too.

Fixed: 437615 – Exceptions when creating/editing/deleting an event/task/calendar or selecting/deselecting a calendar

Fixed: 437689 – [Trunk] Timezone definitions extension is not compatible with Sunbird 0.6a1

Fixed: 437898 – events list can have a selector for ‘later today’ list

Fixed: 437939 – Invitation counter needs restart for update

Fixed: 437941 – Task-Trees: Selection Style does not make a difference between focused/unfocused

Fixed: 437942 – Find calendars is broken

Fixed: 437944 – Memory leakage in the calendar Status-Observer

Fixed: 437964 – ‘Mark Completed’ via context menu doesn’t work

Fixed: 438020 – Task list is broken [Error: document.getElementById(“modeBroadcaster”) has no properties]

Fixed: 438534 – Remove processor define for windows x64 build

Fixed: 438964 – Closing Edit Event window without modifications prompts Save Event dialog if event is on a remote calendar and it wasn’t saved twice.

Fixed: 439245 – Selecting events in the unifinder doesn’t scroll view to event

Fixed: 439309 – text overlap of short events at same time

Fixed: 439608 – modifyEventWithDialog cannot be called with false as third parameter

Fixed: 439633 – Error console output in month/multiweek view when selecting events in the unifinder

Fixed: 440017 – include before using INSTALL_LIGHTNING so that var can be set

Fixed: 440106 – Editing of an event on a cached calendar in online mode isn’t possible

Fixed: 440126 – Error during timezone guessing [ReferenceError: navigator is not defined]

Fixed: 440550 – XML prologue in calendar-occurrence-prompt.dtd confuses compare-locales

Fixed: 440715 – Event duration>’Show …hours in view’ -> selecting event in the unifinder doesn’t scroll view to event if

Fixed: 441528 – Need a preference setting for the default state of “send attendees invitations via email”

Fixed: 442392 – Expected errors are notified via dialog box

Fixed: 442566 – make Lightning build on new shared calendar/mail/suite repository

Fixed: 442915 – Warning: reference to undefined property this.mTaskArray[aRow]

Fixed: 443157 – task invitation leads to exceptions on startup

Fixed: 443722 – Add possiblity to change elements order in Edit Recurrence window

Fixed: 444276 – Try to accept a iTIP/iMIP invitation (open Mail in a separate window) -> select calendar dialog is empty

Fixed: 444292 – Replace Decorated Header (Nav Bar) by standard Items

Fixed: 444407 – Progressbar should not be shown if column is to narrow or progress is 0%

Fixed: 444551 – Select an event in a readonly calendar and use the delete key -> error message

Fixed: 444713 – Allow providers to provide a set of supported timezones

Fixed: 444822 – Add documentation to UI code and some UI code fixes

Fixed: 444827 – Add binding for calendar captions

Fixed: 445287 – Cache combined with read-only calendar spawns error flood

Fixed: 445299 – Accepting an event via iTIP/iMIP email doesn’t work

Fixed: 445400 – Startup Error: ics-service doesn’t recognize own tzid: Asia/Choibalsan

Fixed: 445488 – Mind default alarm setting if replying via invitations or event summary dialog

Fixed: 445492 – Use ‘DEL’ key to delete an event of a rule -> ‘Deleting Repeating Event’ dialog starts two times.

Fixed: 445728 – Delete an single event of a recurring event with attendees -> ‘Notify Attendees’ dialog pops up two times

Fixed: 445731 – Editing an saved event with an attendee -> 2 mails were send, one ‘Event Invitation’, one Event Canceled’

Fixed: 445736 – Wcap event/non-server attendee -> organizer gets no Update button in reply mail

Fixed: 445796 – Deleting an event without attendees prompts “Notify Attendees” dialog

Fixed: 445995 – Event dialog also contains elements from task dialog

Fixed: 446002 – Tooltips in calendar list always show the first readonly calendar name

Fixed: 446170 – Lightning builds fail [make: *** ../../extensions/webdav: No such file or directory. Stop.]

Fixed: 446190 – alarm service should mind disabled calendars

Fixed: 446303 – use the “RELATED-TO” property

Fixed: 446366 – Header of multiweek view always assumes the week to begin with Sunday, no matter what the actual setting is

Fixed: 446558 – Show tooltips in summary dialog

Fixed: 446559 – Set CSS classes for invitations

Fixed: 446666 – “Send attendees invitations via email” checkbox is disabled (grayed out)

Fixed: 447621 – All day event -> tooltip shows wrong date (start and end)

Fixed: 447800 – month View is missing a right border

Fixed: 447814 – Reloading remote calendars shows wrong progress in status bar

Fixed: 447993 – Rubbing event with the mouse makes it wider (hover changes box width)

Fixed: 447996 – Month View doesn’t display the full month anymore

Fixed: 447997 – Multiweek View doesn’t update when changing menu View -> Number of Weeks selection

Fixed: 448190 – Go To Today doesn’t show the correct week that contains today

Fixed: 448206 – Calendar creation wizard acting weird when creating a calendar with duplicate URI

Fixed: 448771 – Open task context menu in calendar view -> output in error console

Fixed: 448886 – Unable to edit event: comes up with attendee confirmation

Fixed: 448946 – Switching calendar views via keys ALT+[1-4] is broken

Fixed: 449180 – Enable multi l10n packaging of Lightning

Fixed: 449424 – Error “Component is not defined” in calendar-dnd-listener.js and sun-calendar-event-dialog-recurrence.js

Fixed: 449573 – Deleting item/items from local ics file fails with MODIFICATION_FAILED, items missing

Fixed: 449574 – aDOMWindow errors

Fixed: 450034 – Month view shows weekends like out-of-current-month days

Fixed: 450107 – View -> Tasks in View command behaves erratic in Month view

Fixed: 450381 – Itip email are not sent while being offline

Fixed: 450395 – Switching to week or multi-week views shows wrong weeks

Fixed: 450398 – Add Icelandic (is) and Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) to shipped-locales

Fixed: 450447 – Remove pa-IN (Punjabi) and mn (Mongolian) from all-locales

Fixed: 450451 – Remove mk (Macedonian) and tr (Turkish) from shipped-locales

Fixed: 450563 – Attendee gets the organizer alarm setting if he/she accept an iTip/iMip invitation

Fixed: 450589 – Tracking bug for L10n issues regarding Sunbird/Lightning 0.9 release

Fixed: 450611 – Add space between icon and button text in occurrence selection dialog

Fixed: 451162 – Organizer’s email address isn’t in iMIP invitation request

Fixed: 451327 – Move mouse to the unifinder, but not over an event -> error output

Fixed: 451353 – Emphasize open/unanswered invitations

Fixed: 451383 – Tooltips are not updated and display wrong information

Fixed: 451529 – Deleting invitation copy sends out CANCEL to all attendees

Fixed: 451539 – Recurring items and attachments

Fixed: 451827 – Update to build 2008082219 -> no local storage calendar, error at startup

Fixed: 452231 – Colliding events: events collide with special invitation status

Fixed: 452392 – Minimumheight of eventboxes is too little

Fixed: 452417 – readonly events should not show grippies on hover event

Fixed: 453409 – Calendar list scrollbar hides read-only icons

Fixed: 453453 – Error in calAttendee.js when opening properties dialog

Fixed: 453491 – trunk calendar link failure looking for calDateTime::PostCreatePrototype

Fixed: 454195 – calendar overlapp when floating timezone is involved

Fixed: 454478 – No drag shadow displayed in month/multiweek view anymore

Fixed: 454983 – Error when editing repeating event with exceptions (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER in calRecurrenceInfo.js)

Fixed: 454998 – [CalDAV] free/busy lookups don’t work

Fixed: 455049 – toggling offline results in uncaught exception

Fixed: 455133 – Dragging occurrences of a repeating event to the date of a previously deleted occurrence deletes them too

Common (Providers):

Fixed: 338527 – Load of remote calendar fails if ‘Automatic proxy configuration URL’ is set

Fixed: 340949 – WCAP provider implementation

Fixed: 348264 – ORGANIZER property lost after import + export

Fixed: 390702 – Alert pop-ups from a Google Calendar after expiration of meetings

Fixed: 395617 – CalDAV provider should use calIcsParser.js

Fixed: 400278 – CalDAV provider issues requests to unselected caldav accounts at startup

Fixed: 400835 – CalDAV provider should display errors

Fixed: 408240 – Reading backup preferences fails [Error: backupBranch is not defined]

Fixed: 409921 – Implement CalDAV scheduling

Fixed: 409967 – Implement new gCal elements (uid,sequence, syncEvent)

Fixed: 410898 – DTSTART/DTEND ignored in FREEBUSY response to scheduling request

Fixed: 412606 – Storage provider does not store X-params of attendees

Fixed: 413333 – Offer auto-conversion of google ICS calendars to writable Google Calendars

Fixed: 416239 – Crash on quit seems to point to libwebdav; eliminate use of webdav extension

Fixed: 417629 – Import ICS file to CalDAV server fails to handle recurrence-id correctly

Fixed: 421716 – CalDAV provider should support getctag

Fixed: 424185 – On shared calendars when an alarm comes up calendars are changed to read only and alarms cannot be dismissed

Fixed: 426153 – Add link to event page in event editing dialog

Fixed: 427006 – Timezone offset incorrectly calculated for negative half hour timezones

Fixed: 428544 – Unable to dismiss reminder for repeating events on Google Calendar that have been sync’ed to Outlook with Google Calendar Sync

Fixed: 428851 – Accepting Meeting Invites Does Not Update Google Calendar

Fixed: 429061 – webcals scheme not supported (i.e., for https)

Fixed: 429095 – Recurrences with no end date should be limited to a maximum of 60 instances

Fixed: 429329 – Unauthenticated calendar fails to load on startup

Fixed: 429497 – Warning and error nsIInterfaceRequestor in the error console

Fixed: 430249 – Storage calendar sends out too many onOperationCompletes

Fixed: 430254 – Add interfaces to GData for UI code

Fixed: 430280 – bad aOperationType on addItem

Fixed: 432579 – Enabling cache for public calendar like US Holidays causes entries to dissappear

Fixed: 432653 – All events in all views take the color of the last calendar in my calendars list

Fixed: 433889 – Fix regressions from bug 430254

Fixed: 433906 – Cannot dismiss alarm on Kerio server [Error: pcs.charAt is not a function]

Fixed: 434354 – CalDAV provider should cope with multiple principal-collection-sets

Fixed: 434371 – Error on deleting item from Zimbra server

Fixed: 434736 – calWcapRequest: use nsIStreamLoader instead of nsIUnicharStreamLoader

Fixed: 435877 – UTF-8 decoding problem breaks wcap calendar

Fixed: 436476 – Deleting a single instance of a recurring event fails

Fixed: 437048 – Invite an attendee to an event causes error

Fixed: 437189 – Gdata prov: cannot delete last remaining occurence by “delete this occurence”

Fixed: 437318 – optimize caldav queries for “long” calendars

Fixed: 437420 – Wrong display of WCAP all day events in the unifinder

Fixed: 437921 – Not working with TB 3a2pre by default

Fixed: 438372 – Sunbird 0.8 opens newer database from 0.9pre but fails to read – schema check not working

Fixed: 438515 – Lightning doesn’t send iTIP messages on event updates in CalDAV calendars

Fixed: 440358 – no WCAP calendar events visible after restart of sunbird

Fixed: 441246 – Add support for categories in Google Calendar

Fixed: 441748 – deleting a single occurrence of a ‘non floating’ all day rule is not possible

Fixed: 442220 – WCAP event: Timezone ‘UTC/GMT’ changed automatically to ‘Europe/London’

Fixed: 442651 – No organizer in the attendees dialog

Fixed: 443361 – Misleading logon prompt when subscribing to multiple Google calendars

Fixed: 444748 – Get rid of custom timezone service

Fixed: 446512 – Recent nightlies of Lightning cause NULL-pointer dereference crash in TB

Fixed: 447913 – CalDAV provider should avoid query-by-uid on after-PUT fetches

Fixed: 448453 – Caldav Calenders working with 0.8 don’t load under 0.9pre

Fixed: 448561 – Allow CalDAV provider to work with Google Calendar’s new CalDAV

Fixed: 448803 – CalDAV provider should not query-by-uid for moved items

Fixed: 449031 – Add meta data API to memory/storage

Fixed: 449177 – Support free-busy querying for the GData Provider

Fixed: 449401 – storage provider does cleanly separate items of the same id across different calendars

Fixed: 449764 – CalDAV: can’t properly handle PERIOD for freebusy information

Fixed: 449964 – lightning/nightly/2008-08-07-18-mozilla1.8/linux-xpi gdata-provider last one that works

Fixed: 450104 – insertion of data is extremely slow compared to other platforms

Fixed: 450285 – Startup Error: mozStorage exception: createStatement failed

Fixed: 451020 – Support for mixed server/non-server attendees

Fixed: 451174 – CalDAV provider can fail to check inbox

Fixed: 451455 – CalDAV provider can delete items mistakenly

Fixed: 451585 – [CalDAV] Use ICS service for ics parsing

Fixed: 452214 – CalDAV provider interop issues with newer CalendarServers

Fixed: 452379 – Accepting an invitation on caldav (Bedework) doesn’t work

Fixed: 452610 – Disable CalDAV scheduling (make pref-based)

Fixed: 452818 – getItem() returns no item after an event is created in the Google calendar

Fixed: 453198 – Allow arbitrary reminder times

Fixed: 453250 – turning calendars off not working

Fixed: 453454 – CalDAV: principal namespace list will always be empty if there are multiple home sets

Fixed: 453794 – Cannot update/create any event on a Google calendar

Fixed: 454213 – Parsing errors if server doesn’t return valid XML on getetag

Fixed: 454540 – [CalDAV] Ensuring trailing slash with replace fails

Fixed: 454637 – firstInRealm always false

Fixed: 454664 – Events not displayed after opening/subscribing iCalendar file – manual reload required

Fixed: 454691 – exception occuring when multiple transactions are occuring

Fixed: 454757 – Wrong usage of this/thisCalendar

Fixed: 455128 – exception on cached caldav calendars

Fixed: 455130 – Potential transaction mismatch between different sqlite databases

Fixed: 455132 – Pasting event to switched off calendar deletes all original events

Fixed: 455182 – Problems refreshing multiple Digest-authed CalDAV calendars

Fixed: 455289 – Offer WCAP experimental caching

Fixed: 455298 – Impossible to load remote caldav. It worked fine in 0.8


Fixed: 273476 – Thunderbird calendar needs to be built with FTP enabled for remote calendars

Fixed: 389150 – Display Today Pane with Task List in Calendar mode too

Fixed: 397913 – [Today Pane] Add tooltips to the miniday buttons

Fixed: 401693 – Today pane not updated on Mac OS X after hibernation

Fixed: 402038 – Drop support for Thunderbird 1.5

Fixed: 409166 – missing crop attribute in agenda checkbox

Fixed: 409845 – [Mac] ‘Preferences’ and ‘Quit Thunderbird’ are disabled in Calendar mode and Task mode

Fixed: 413326 – Read only calendar, use ‘Click Here to Add a New Task’ text field -> nothing happens

Fixed: 419184 – “msgHeaderParser is not defined” when dragging mail to Calendar item

Fixed: 419816 – Task mode does not set Application title

Fixed: 428496 – Editing event or dismissing alarm collapses Today/Tomorrow/Soon section in Agenda

Fixed: 431039 – Move only string from sun-lightning.dtd and remove file

Fixed: 431811 – Context menu of tasks in today pane is broken [Error: taskTree has no properties]

Fixed: 431829 – Moving Today Pane button on Task toolbar removes it from Calendar toolbar and duplicates it on the Task toolbar