Biggest Casino Technology Innovations

Technology has influenced every activity we do and has also enabled us to do the unimaginable. It is not a surprise that technology has changed the gambling industry  like Vera & John online casino too.

With so many innovations, we might think we are at a golden age, but technology surpasses and sets the bar high every time we feel we have had the best. It is only the best one yet.

Time flies

We all are aware of how there are no clocks inside a casino, and when you are gambling, you tend to lose track of time. The idea of making customers stay and gamble more is fascinating and has been practised for a long time now.

Technology has made it possible for us to have casino applications on our watches. When we say watches, we are talking about smartwatches, and now gamblers can even get a casino experience on their watches, from not knowing how time flies while gambling to gambling on a time device, we have come a full circle.

Time flies

Virtual reality

Until now, we were lauding online gambling as a cutting-edge innovation but then came the Virtual reality that topped online gambling and gave the gamblers an even more realistic experience. With virtual reality, you can sit in your living room and feel like you are at the casino.

While playing online on your computer or mobile device you are so indulged in the game that you forget your surroundings, but when you look away from the screen even for a second, you realise your reality. The virtual reality changes this, when you put on your VR goggles and have the other gadgets, there is no looking away from the screen. It feels like you are in the casino, no matter where you are.

Virtual reality


With changing times, not everyone wants to go to a physical casino, and since gamblers usually have just one application or website that they trust, they are monitored. The gamblers are closely monitored, and their behaviour and habits are tracked. Information on how often they play, how much they bet and the time spent on each game is kept track. The first-time visitors are valued as they can be lured and be made into frequent gamblers. The first-time visitors are given offers that they can’t refuse.

Chip tracking

Chips are the currency of the casino, and some fraudulent people can manufacture fake chips and fool the casino and exchange the fake ones for more money. There might be some cheaters and thieves who steal the higher denomination chips and come back later to exchange it. With tracking devices in every chip, the casino can keep track of where the chips are, and if they suspect that someone has stolen, then they can easily declare the chips invalid.

The trends in technology have helped casino protect their customers so they can have a safe experience.

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