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  1. 2015-09-27 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (89) Fixed: 256628 – change wording of Recheck Page button in spell checker Fixed: 267663 – Strange behaviour of “read” check for group header Fixed: 267673 – indicate that a closed group has any unread messages, should not be bold if all are read (usability issue) Fixed: 273110 – Thread pane context menu (group): […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 27-Sep-15 | no comments
  2. 2015-07-24 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (24) Fixed: 978558 – Column Size has tooltip “Click to sort by size” instead of “Sort by size” in normal message list and in message search results list Fixed: 1137159 – App menu is empty, only shows “Quit” Fixed: 1159338 – Reminder: switch mozilla-repo in to undo mozilla-release hardcode Fixed: 1167003 – JavaScript […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 25-Jul-15 | no comments
  3. 2015-06-15 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (18) Fixed: 1001535 – Investigate UI issues/changes for the find bar on OS X. Fixed: 1090553 – create filter from doesn’t create filter while in Unified Inbox, and no error message Fixed: 1133264 – DELete (like Shift+DELete) should warn when deleting from Trash (implement confirmation/pref mail.warn_on_delete_from_trash) Fixed: 1150627 – Use SVG graphics for the […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 16-Jun-15 | no comments
  4. 2015-05-26 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (54) Fixed: 401779 – Integrate Lightning Into Thunderbird by Default and Ship Thunderbird with Lightning Enabled Fixed: 717292 – Spell check language setting for subject and body not synchronized, but temporarily appears so when changing language and depending on focus (confusing ux) Fixed: 914225 – Support hotfix add-on in Thunderbird Fixed: 1025547 – newmailaccount/jquery.tmpl.js, […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 27-May-15 | no comments
  5. 2015-04-20 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (27) Fixed: 768480 – Mac OSX TB 13 crashes in nsMsgDBFolder::CreateFileForDB when going online. Caused by folder subscribed on server that no longer exists? Fixed: 849540 – Log in to Gmail (IMAP/SMTP) using OAuth in backend Fixed: 939462 – Feature to count and show number of unread e-mails in subfolders should be optional. (because […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 21-Apr-15 | no comments
  6. 2015-03-28 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (67) Fixed: 36489 – Combined To/From column in thread pane Fixed: 464973 – “Expanded Columns” in the folder pane are no longer available to select columns for display for message total count and folder size Fixed: 760762 – Add reading position marker line to conversations Fixed: 787608 – Address autocomplete should be smarter with […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 29-Mar-15 | no comments
  7. 2015-02-15 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (27) Fixed: 325458 – Recipient Autocomplete: Nickname does not get highest precedence for matching address book entries, for searchphrase==nickname [To, CC, addressing field/area, toplisted, priority, results] Fixed: 526429 – Theme preview should be made branding-aware or branding-agnostic Fixed: 588759 – Make sure status bar messages have proper punctuation Fixed: 742248 – Cannot scroll message […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 15-Feb-15 | no comments
  8. 2015-01-14 Thunderbird comm-central builds
    Thunderbird-specific: (30) Fixed: 486501 – edit an address after autocomplete and autocomplete reselects the first choice, even reverts to a different address (involving quoted “Display Name”) Fixed: 505721 – Thunderbird theme on Linux feels cluttered (inappropriate spacing, etc.) Fixed: 532067 – (Windows 7 theme) Icon for Sent folder to match qute and gnomestripe metaphor Fixed: […]
    Filed in Thunderbird Trunk | 14-Jan-15 | no comments