2015-01-14 Calendar builds

Common (excluding Website bugs)-specific: (16)

  • Fixed: 432675 – Revise layout of Alarms option pane in preference dialog
  • Fixed: 639284 – Metadata of “Provider for Google Calendar” extension are not translated at AMO
  • Fixed: 909183 – calIDateTime.compare returns incorrect result with floating timezone
  • Fixed: 941425 – Yearly rule “Last day of a month” can’t be set with the UI and is wrongly displayed in the views.
  • Fixed: 958978 – Yearly recurrences with BYMONTH and more BYDAY are displayed wrongly if the last day of the month is not displayed in the view
  • Fixed: 985114 – Make use of CSS variables
  • Fixed: 1072815 – Multiple locales were missing in Lightning 3.3.1 release
  • Fixed: 1080659 – Converting email into task/event fails when localization uses regular expression special characters
  • Fixed: 1082286 – [icaljs] Date/Time Picker seems to have a timezone error
  • Fixed: 1107388 – No auth prompt is shown when subscribing to CalDAV calendars [domWin.document is null]
  • Fixed: 1112502 – Right clicking on a recurring event, and bringing up the attendance sub-menu gives unreadable titles
  • Fixed: 1114504 – Extra localization notes for bug 493389 – Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks
  • Fixed: 1115965 – Provide filename and line number in cal.WARN and cal.ERROR
  • Fixed: 1117324 – Improve stack trace for calListenerBag
  • Fixed: 1117456 – Run unit tests on ical.js as well as libical
  • Fixed: 1118489 – promisifyCalendar mis-invokes Proxy constructor

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.

Windows builds Official Windows

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac