2014-02-09 Calendar builds

Common (excluding Website bugs)-specific: (6)

  • Fixed: 397939 – [Today Pane] Allow more ways to navigate between the days
  • Fixed: 636104 – Redirect Lightning Preferences to the Suite Preferences window.
  • Fixed: 844747 – Error on “Save on close” after “Save” when creating of editing event.
  • Fixed: 882761 – Package all theme files in a unified XPI
  • Fixed: 948967 – Menu command status is not updated on calendar property changes
  • Fixed: 956544 – The Edit Event dialog shows wrong date-times with timezones enabled after closing and reopening

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.

Windows builds Official Windows

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac