2012-10-27 Calendar builds

Common (excluding Website bugs): (30)

  • Fixed: 694024 – Opening the invite attendees dialog displays the timeline starting at midnight, not around the time of the event
  • Fixed: 723610 – When modifying an event, Lightning also tries to also modify the organizer (and fails)
  • Fixed: 746434 – Add unit tests for the alarm service
  • Fixed: 760243 – Lightning enabled in TB trunk – Assertion failure: !connections[i]->ConnectionReady(), mozStorageService.cpp:852
  • Fixed: 765806 – Fix on-push build trigger by reverting local changes on the master
  • Fixed: 774211 – PUBLISH does not allow update (SEQUENCE)
  • Fixed: 782152 – Replace DOMMouseScroll with wheel event
  • Fixed: 785580 – Lightning Calendar/Task icons don’t show up in the SeaMonkey All-Tabs popup menu.
  • Fixed: 787780 – Add Support for current-user-principal / “group calendar” synchronization fails
  • Fixed: 788004 – No email send after invitation creation if offline cache is enabled [Exception… “‘TypeError: aItem.calendar.canNotify is not a function’ when calling method: [calIOperationListener::onOperationComplete]”
  • Fixed: 788267 – Replace calRecurrenceDate.cpp with a JS implementation
  • Fixed: 790364 – When printing calendars in weekly or monthly grid view all tasks are shown as crossed out
  • Fixed: 790590 – Repeating events are not always synchronized if offline cache is enabled [Error syncing items: TypeError: oid.parent is not a function]
  • Fixed: 791983 – Save users from polluting their dist/bin when building Lightning
  • Fixed: 792061 – Print Weekly Schedule Includes Incorrect Data & Dates
  • Fixed: 792884 – Event dialog broken due to FileLink feature [Error: ReferenceError: cloudFileAccounts is not defined]
  • Fixed: 793262 – JavaScript Error: “this_ is not defined” on any new calendar item
  • Fixed: 794212 – Debug build: Assertion failure and crash when starting drag and drop in calendar view
  • Fixed: 794220 – Warning: Chrome file doesn’t exist: […]\chrome\calendar\skin\calendar\calendar-event-dialog-reminder.css and […]\chrome\calendar\content\calendar\calendar-daypicker.css
  • Fixed: 794477 – jsDate setter can’t handle a wrapped JS::Value
  • Fixed: 794585 – Monthly layout: unnecessary additional empty week row printed if last day of month is last day of print range
  • Fixed: 794628 – Console is flooded and trashed with calFilterProperties debug messages
  • Fixed: 795342 – Toolbars in Task/Calendar tabs missing due to undefined entities in SeaMonkey.
  • Fixed: 797251 – Marking a task completed with no task selected causes task list to scroll to an invalid row
  • Fixed: 798762 – Automatic update for nightly builds not working because update.php script returns wrong version number
  • Fixed: 798783 – Incorrect usage of nsCAutoString instead of nsAutoCString
  • Fixed: 799067 – Compile error: calDateTime.cpp(636) and calDateTime.cpp(641) : error C2660: ‘js_DateIsValid’ / ‘js_DateGetMsecSinceEpoch’ : function does not take 2 arguments
  • Fixed: 800524 – Privacy status “Google Default” (CLASS:DEFAULT) breaks display of privacy icon in calendar view
  • Fixed: 801680 – Mac OS X comm-aurora lightning build failure [configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.]
  • Fixed: 804302 – Set em:minVersion to actually supported versions

One can get the latest Lightning .xpis here.

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.