2011-11-29 Calendar builds

Calendar release history

Common (excluding Website bugs): (20)

  • Fixed: 362645 – Google Calendar Provider: Support for Optimistic Concurrency
  • Fixed: 386516 – Monthly repeating event on last day of month occurs on wrong dates
  • Fixed: 406579 – Update story for timezone database
  • Fixed: 434009 – Replace Task Progress bar colors
  • Fixed: 582089 – caldav won’t display calendar items if they are marked with a content type of “text/plain”
  • Fixed: 624662 – Event dialog: start/end timezone get lost if ‘all day’ checkbox is ticked/de-ticked once
  • Fixed: 625272 – Port |Bug 617787 – Stop offering uninstall survey to users| to Sunbird
  • Fixed: 647232 – Update internal timezone database from version 2011b to version 2011n
  • Fixed: 687453 – Event dialog: No icons in customize toolbar
  • Fixed: 689140 – Icons in task view and mail icon in “Write” button are size scaled with aero theme.
  • Fixed: 691735 – Change lightning buildbot automation to directly upload to the /calendar/lightning/nightly/ directory on ftp
  • Fixed: 695117 – No access to Apple iCloud calendars with TB/Lightning
  • Fixed: 695247 – Allow opening event if invitation has already been processed
  • Fixed: 697553 – Adapt to the calIChangeLog interface changes (gdata offline support)
  • Fixed: 697812 – After creating a new event, clicking on other elements doesn’t blur the title textbox
  • Fixed: 698760 – Calendar Views UI freshening
  • Fixed: 698938 – Invitations Dialog: Selected option is not totally obvious
  • Fixed: 699894 – [PATCH] timezones.sqlite gets installed with mode 0755
  • Fixed: 701659 – Alarms fire but cannot be removed from the Alarm Dialog for occurrences of repeating items starting more than 6 hours in the future
  • Fixed: 703308 – Replace call to isSameNode() in agenda-listbox.js (method was removed in mozilla10)

Lightning 1.0 has been released, and is likely to follow Thunderbird in a time-based release schedule.

Whatever bug misses the release train can catch the next one (YouTube video), so outstanding bug lists are no longer relevant.

One can get the latest Lightning .xpis here.

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.