Summit 2010, Whistler


So here’s a short little reflection of the recent Summit 2010 at Whistler. I had the chance to meet up with many people, made lots of new friends, and chatted with a couple of acquaintances, especially since I met some at the last Summit. Shoutouts go to wsmwk, davida, dmose, _Tsk_, rebron, Standard8, sid0, jcranmer, gozer, bwinton, rtanglao, (the rest of the Thunderbird team!), Jesse, dvander, gal, dmandelin, jorendorff, brendan, Lucas, pvnick, (the rest of the Security / JS folks!), humph, Gregorio, Julie, (the rest of the Education folks!), Zhang Jinghua, Wen Shaohua, Mozilla China, Amie, mitchell, shaver, lilly, and everyone else I forgot to mention..

It’s the conversations at such conferences that make all the differences, the private chats by the wayside of all the interesting talks (QA and Fuzz talks were of familiar topics, while Rust seemed really brilliant because I couldn’t really comprehend the entire gist of it). I fully encourage any fellow student (undergraduate or otherwise) to attend these conferences if possible – you don’t fully realize what you’ve brought out of it until it’s over.

Bear stories seem so commonplace that they no longer seem unique. All was quiet on the rockslide front – they had this new highway into Whistler when the Winter Olympics was held in Whistler, and Fairmont was equally good compared to Westin (sans the power outage!) But of course, we had the party at Roundhouse, and that was epic. 🙂

And oh, I played Rock Band for the first time after Summit 2008.

On the way back, the flight to Hong Kong landed after the last connecting flight to Singapore left, so I stayed over at the Marriott Sky City for a night. Internet was expensive (so I didn’t go online), but I could watch Spain win the World Cup 2010 over the Netherlands!