Thunderbird 3.0.4 Released

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Released on 30 Mar 10, and this changelog was last updated on 01 Apr 10.

Thunderbird 3.0.4 has been released. Release notes are available. This post lists the improvements in Thunderbird 3.0.4 over Thunderbird 3.0.3. This list encompasses almost every single known fix that went into this release, but excludes platform-wide fixes. Do check out the known issues as well.

Impact key for security issues listed on the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories webpage:

  • Critical: Vulnerability can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.
  • High: Vulnerability can be used to gather sensitive data from sites in other windows or inject data or code into those sites, requiring no more than normal browsing actions.
  • Moderate: Vulnerabilities that would otherwise be High or Critical except they only work in uncommon non-default configurations or require the user to perform complicated and/or unlikely steps.
  • Low: Minor security vulnerabilities such as Denial of Service attacks, minor data leaks, or spoofs. (Undetectable spoofs of SSL indicia would have “High” impact because those are generally used to steal sensitive data intended for other sites.)

Security issues in 3.0.4: (5)

  • Fixed: MFSA 2010-16 – Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: (Critical)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2010-17 – Remote code execution with use-after-free in nsTreeSelection (Critical)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2010-18 – Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeContentView (Critical)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2010-22 – Update NSS to support TLS renegotiation indication (Low)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2010-24 – XMLDocument::load() doesn’t check nsIContentPolicy (Low)

Other changes in Thunderbird 3.0.4: (26)

Thunderbird-specific: (14)

  • Fixed: 525366 – Middle mouse click opens empty tabs when no message is selected
  • Fixed: 530779 – With main window/3-pane closed, sent email cannot be copied to “sent”-folder and drafts cannot be saved – “There was an error copying the message to the Sent folder. Retry?”
  • Fixed: 534143 – offline mode: moving messages to folders, not all actions executed when going online
  • Fixed: 534858 – Crash on repeated collapse/expand of threads with subthreads killed by filter [@ memmove | nsTArray_base::ShiftData(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)] – nsMsgDBView::RemoveRows
  • Fixed: 539394 – When build TB trunk code, it reports was not found
  • Fixed: 544807 – Import from Eudora filter rules does not translate URL-style rules
  • Fixed: 547257 – mdimporter ‘MODULE’ is defined too late
  • Fixed: 547564 – Thunderbird 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade deleted contents of pop3 folders wi colons (:), slash(/) in folder names on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: 548491 – this.userChangedOutgoingSocketType should be this._userChangedOutgoingSocketType
  • Fixed: 549580 – If compose window initialisation fails, don’t hide the error by throwing it to the text console
  • Fixed: 550312 – add install survey hooks
  • Fixed: 551694 – Dock shows a double count of unread messages on startup
  • Fixed: 551760 – Set uninstall survey url to new url
  • Fixed: 552077 – allow for additional parameters for autoconfig

MailNews Core: (12)

  • Fixed: 496236 – [Tracking] Resync’ between c-1.9.1 and m-1.9.1
  • Fixed: 506669 – crash [@ NS_strlen(unsigned short const*)] – [@ nsImapProtocol::ShowProgress] with IMAP and Galician locale.
  • Fixed: 525463 – AIX Port Seamonkey 2.0: macro redefinition in mailnews/base/src/nsMsgAccountManager.cpp
  • Fixed: 533776 – gloda indexes while offline, if we startup without a network connection
  • Fixed: 537571 – should error out early if wrong python version
  • Fixed: 538528 – Allow network attempts to restart itself in case of failures
  • Fixed: 543088 – Autocomplete – primary email address no longer appears before additional email address (now sorted alphabetically)
  • Fixed: 545133 – Remove MOZ_VALGRIND from comm-central
  • Fixed: 545594 – Port |Bug 495224 – Builds involving symlinks in the source dir fail to find config/| to comm-central
  • Fixed: 548210 – Port |Bug 509319 – Enable FIPS throws uncaught exception in toggleFIPS| to comm-central
  • Fixed: 548670 – Missing python version check in configure
  • Fixed: 549794 – Too many .msf file open with many third level folders and Show only subscribed folders unchecked/disabled

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