2010-01-29 Calendar 1.0 builds

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Common (excluding Website bugs): (4)

  • Fixed: 500399 – Event Dialog: Help Menu is uselesss and could be removed
  • Fixed: 535812 – [Mozmill] Event with no changes shouldn’t prompt to save
  • Fixed: 537628 – Building localized Sunbird l10n nightly builds fail since 02-Dec-2009
  • Fixed: 538170 – Mac trunk builds failing running merge-installrdf.py

Lightning 1.0 beta 1 has been released.

No outstanding bugs (marked blocking-calendar1.0+) with [needed beta] in whiteboard.

One can get the latest Lightning .xpis here.

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)