UNCOnfirmed Thunderbird bugs now under 2,000

Rejoice! From the dizzying heights of 3,500+ UNCOnfirmed bugs in Thunderbird back in start-2008, we are now hovering just below the 2,000 mark, a figure not seen in Thunderbird-land since mid-2006.

That’s not to say we are about to go bug-free soon, but the graph at Bugzilla does indeed show some reductions during the summers of 2008 and 2009. Note the summer of 2008 was mostly an effort of cleaning out old and forgotten bugs, which explains the much steeper decline than the summer of 2009 thus far.

Note the red UNCOnfirmed bug number line:

Thunderbird chart

Many kudos go out to the hard work of all Thunderbird triagers, they are starting to increase so much that it is getting harder to track by the names, which can only mean good news. 😀

If you are willing to help maintain the charge and possibly even push the numbers down even lower (bug triage FAQ), do feel free to pop by our bugdays. Our upcoming one (in less than 24 hours) is already scheduled and you can always make use of the web interface chat at chat.mozillamessaging.com to ask questions or clear any doubts.

Join us in the effort to keep the UNCO numbers low! A list of suggested queries is also available here.