Talk at Outblaze, Hong Kong

Two days ago, I was invited by Outblaze Limited to give a talk about the Mozilla development / test process at Cyberport, Hong Kong. (Preliminary thanks especially go out to Yusuf.)

I primarily covered the following topics through live demonstration:

  • What’s new in the upcoming releases Firefox 3.5 and Thunderbird 3
  • QA process in Bugzilla – triage through review and checkin. Bug lifecycle.
  • Test infrastructure – mochitests, xpcshell tests, crash tests, reftests, Mozmill tests

Because I had an hour slot, I didn’t have time to cover the Tinderbox waterfall, Litmus, and some other things I wanted to cover (perf tests, Talos, etc.).

It was my first time speaking to seasoned engineers (some IBM folks as well, I think) and I was glad I could share my experience with them. I had given talks (so far numbering four in total) to undergraduates, graduates, and professors (spanning from schools in Singapore / Hong Kong and now a company) but it was really special conversing with engineers because they knew what they wanted to know, and I also had quite a fair share of interesting / challenging questions. They seemed particularly interested in Mozmill testing (Mozmill folks, reading this?) especially with regards to testing web applications. In hindsight, I really should have demonstrated my Bugzilla Mozmill test. Anyone remembered “Gristmill in Action“?

In particular, I was told that my HOWTO find a manual regression window blogpost was particularly useful. (Drop me a quick email if any of my posts are interesting, OK? 😉 My email is nth10sd at gmail d0t com )

I hope to be able to share more of my experiences in the future, as it both enables my audience to learn more and myself to give better speeches in the future. Having made some great friends (Yusuf, Sultan, Milan, and some others I forgot to mention), I am glad I was able to share my knowledge with you guys – I learnt a lot too, I’m sure this help me improve over the next two years before I graduate (I’m still an undergraduate, and [im]patiently waiting for time to fly by).

Thank you, Outblaze! I’m sure we’ll meet again. 🙂