So the 7-ing has flown to Asia GMT+8, thanks to jcranmer. 🙂

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Seven things you never knew about me:

  1. I (almost) never talked at all in kindergarten (~5-6 years old). In fact, I was well-known for refusing to talk to anyone, even the teacher, at school. My guess was because I was in a different environment (Singapore, where almost no one speaks Cantonese), away from my birthplace (Hong Kong, where almost everyone speaks Cantonese). Sidenote: I gained a reputation for being too talkative (in English) and overly inquisitive by the end of elementary school. Don’t ask me why.
  2. I had childhood asthma, but out-grown it by probably around age 19-ish. The wheezing used to be so bad that I would visit my family doctor on a monthly schedule in the worst case scenario, and would also catch it if I laughed too hard.
  3. My first English music album I remember dedicatedly listened to was "Colours", by Michael Learns To Rock. The first English song I voluntarily learnt by the lyrics was thus "Wild Women", and I enjoy "Sleeping Child" and "25 Minutes" even till today. I just entered middle school then.
  4. I love flying around and moving through airports (minus the security checks). My best airport memory is that of Kai Tak Airport when returning to my homeland with my family in 1993. The landings at that airport were spectacular. The airport’s gone from there now, moved to some other island.
  5. I once jumped off a helicopter during repelling training. A month later, two commandos died in a similar simulated operation (but in another country, and at night instead of day.) Assaulted a shore from a landing ship tank in a simulation. Drove 5-10 types of military vehicles. Fired a number of weapons. Once I carried more than my entire weight for training. Big left toenail broke off not once, but twice. Part of army training experiences that make me treasure civilian life.
  6. A song I first heard probably about two decades ago and still enjoy till today, inspired me to climb up a mountain (OK, it’s a hill) last December. I still enjoy 80s/90s/00s HK music, movies and TV shows, but Moonlight Resonance (which just came out last year) is what my dearest brother just currently got me hooked on.
  7. I saw, touched, tasted and smelled natural snow for the first time in my life at the Mozilla Summit 2008. (and of course, saw and filmed a wild bear, got caught in a landslide, and a partial power outage at a hotel, all for the first time too!)

There you go, time to pass on the mantle!

Armen ZambranoRemember this? Moo….

Boris Zbarsky – I’ve been enjoying his posts throughout the years, though most of the time I couldn’t get past the first paragraph in the technical posts.

Dan Mosedale – That’s for being such a wonderful mentor in my internship. Rheeeeeet!

Jesse Ruderman – For being such a great teacher.

Brendan Eich – Javascript traces, trace traces.

David Humphrey – Someone’s got to get the Prof!

David Ascher – For making us all believe in Thunderbird again.