August 2008

2008-08-09 Sunbird 0.9 builds

Current Sunbird (0.8) | Next planned Sunbird (0.9) | Previous releases


  • Fixed: 129660 – iCalendar standard tracking bug
  • Fixed: 199732 – Events spanning days are seen as multiple events (display)
  • Fixed: 274793 – leaking JS atoms and GC roots
  • Fixed: 350218 – “Hide completed tasks” should work for main view like for tasks panel
  • Fixed: 367456 – Memory usage increases after Reload Remote Calendars (memory leak)
  • Fixed: 374464 – Context menu: rename Edit Item / Delete Item entry to Edit / Delete
  • Fixed: 390313 – Tooltip too narrow with some Windows themes, text is truncated
  • Fixed: 423172 – Leaks in calRecurrenceInfo
  • Fixed: 429284 – Leak: sun-calendar-event-dialog-freebusy.xml
  • Fixed: 430382 – Updated calendar views
  • Fixed: 440106 – Editing of an event on a cached calendar in online mode isn’t possible
  • Fixed: 442915 – Warning: reference to undefined property this.mTaskArray[aRow]
  • Fixed: 445287 – Cache combined with read-only calendar spawns error flood
  • Fixed: 445731 – Editing an saved event with an attendee -> 2 mails were send, one ‘Event Invitation’, one Event Canceled’
  • Fixed: 445995 – Event dialog also contains elements from task dialog
  • Fixed: 446190 – alarm service should mind disabled calendars
  • Fixed: 446366 – Header of multiweek view always assumes the week to begin with Sunday, no matter what the actual setting is
  • Fixed: 446558 – Show tooltips in summary dialog
  • Fixed: 446559 – Set CSS classes for invitations
  • Fixed: 446666 – “Send attendees invitations via email” checkbox is disabled (grayed out)
  • Fixed: 447051 – I cannot find how to unload remote and other calendar files, e.g. I have google calendar listings 2 times in different colors
  • Fixed: 447621 – All day event -> tooltip shows wrong date (start and end)
  • Fixed: 447997 – Multiweek View doesn’t update when changing menu View -> Number of Weeks selection
  • Fixed: 448206 – Calendar creation wizard acting weird when creating a calendar with duplicate URI
  • Fixed: 448886 – Unable to edit event: comes up with attendee confirmation
  • Fixed: 448946 – Switching calendar views via keys ALT+[1-4] is broken
  • Fixed: 449424 – Error “Component is not defined” in calendar-dnd-listener.js and sun-calendar-event-dialog-recurrence.js

Common (Providers):

  • Fixed: 348264 – ORGANIZER property lost after import + export
  • Fixed: 395617 – CalDAV provider should use calIcsParser.js
  • Fixed: 412606 – Storage provider does not store X-params of attendees
  • Fixed: 416239 – Crash on quit seems to point to libwebdav; eliminate use of webdav extension
  • Fixed: 421716 – CalDAV provider should support getctag
  • Fixed: 434354 – CalDAV provider should cope with multiple principal-collection-sets
  • Fixed: 437420 – Wrong display of WCAP all day events in the unifinder
  • Fixed: 440358 – no WCAP calendar events visible after restart of sunbird
  • Fixed: 442220 – WCAP event: Timezone ‘UTC/GMT’ changed automatically to ‘Europe/London’
  • Fixed: 446512 – Recent nightlies of Lightning cause NULL-pointer dereference crash in TB
  • Fixed: 447913 – CalDAV provider should avoid query-by-uid on after-PUT fetches
  • Fixed: 448453 – Caldav Calenders working with 0.8 don’t load under 0.9pre
  • Fixed: 449031 – Add meta data API to memory/storage
  • Fixed: 449177 – Support free-busy querying for the GData Provider


  • Fixed: 440700 – [Trunk] Cannot switch back from Calendar to Mail Mode [Error: mailToolbarMenuItem is null]
  • Fixed: 448325 – Today Pane context menu: Delete command inside “Convert To”


  • Fixed: 409845 – [Mac] ‘Preferences’ and ‘Quit Thunderbird’ are disabled in Calendar mode and Task mode

Outstanding bugs (marked blocking-calendar0.9+): (19)

  • Open: 390036 – https webdav based ICS or CalDAV calendar and secure IMAP/SMTP (SSL) email accounts leads to TB hanging with 50% cpu usage
  • Open: 392561 – Need to revise provider error notifications
  • Open: 409921 – Implement CalDAV scheduling
  • Open: 429664 – Floating events overlapps events with timezone
  • Open: 437347 – zero-length events/tasks overlaps in calendar view
  • Open: 437412 – zero-length and short events are shown at the wrong times in the timegrid
  • Open: 437441 – Finalize calendar-timezones.xpi
  • Open: 437622 – Sunbird: Upgrade via update mechanism fails, restart results in error on local calendars (timezone extension not installed)
  • Open: 438963 – All day event is shown on the day before the actual day of the event (only in the today pane)
  • Open: 439309 – text overlap of short events at same time
  • Open: 444276 – Try to accept a iTIP/iMIP invitation (open Mail in a separate window) -> select calendar dialog is empty
  • Open: 444532 – Select ‘Convert to->Task/event’ in the preview pane in mailmode causes an uncaught exception
  • Open: 445492 – Use ‘DEL’ key to delete an event of a rule -> ‘Deleting Repeating Event’ dialog starts two times.
  • Open: 445736 – Wcap event/non-server attendee -> organizer gets no Update button in reply mail
  • Open: 447996 – Month View doesn’t display the full month anymore
  • Open: 448190 – Go To Today doesn’t show the correct week that contains today
  • Open: 448771 – Open task context menu in calendar view -> output in error console
  • Open: 449401 – storage provider does cleanly separate items of the same id across different calendars
  • Open: 449646 – Edit Recurrence dialog is broken in some localizations

Lightning .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi, gdata provider

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi, gdata provider

Mac builds Official Mac .xpi, gdata provider (2008-08-08 build)

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

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2008-08-09 Thunderbird Trunk builds

What’s new in Trunk since 12 August 2005 | Current Shredder – Alpha 1 | Previous releases


  • Fixed: 300487 – saved search folder name is bold without unread messages
  • Fixed: 404609 – Update Thunderbird installer with changes made to the Firefox installer
  • Fixed: 408861 – Thunderbird reports "mail server is not an imap4 mail server"
  • Fixed: 443990 – Thread pane selection is lost upon "Compact Folders" from the file menu if no folders are compactable
  • Fixed: 444940 – Unofficial-branded builds will prompt to set default client when installed (/updated) from a previously branded Thunderbird version.
  • Fixed: 445891 – Remove remnants of 2 obsolete |mail.collect_email_address_| preferences
  • Fixed: 446604 – Provide -v option to to list changed files during hg update
  • Fixed: 447225 – Actually support –skip-calendar in comm-central’s
  • Fixed: 447722 – Remove webdav from
  • Fixed: 448218 – "Linux comm-central build %" is RED after "dbus" checkin(s).
  • Fixed: 448339 – Thunderbird 3 builds still using version 1 url for application update checks

MailNews and other related categories:

  • Fixed: 16913 – Filter news based on any headers
  • Fixed: 179891 – Empty trash should have confirmation dialog
  • Fixed: 195559 – Comments in default mailnews prefs is wrong.
  • Fixed: 216075 – Remove unused uuencode code from mailnews compose
  • Fixed: 271988 – compacting folder other than selected one clears message and thread panes
  • Fixed: 343059 – In , “Warning: assignment to undeclared variable linkTextURL”
  • Fixed: 376235 – Filters won’t move mail after copying it
  • Fixed: 392015 – Crash of Tb, if “Rebuild Index” is executed during compacting folder is inprogess, and loosing mails [@ morkRowObject::SetRow]
  • Fixed: 398498 – Message filter of “copy and move” generates phantom mail in copy target folder(when copy&move to different mail folders), or causes “move failure”(when copy&move to same mail folder)
  • Fixed: 410333 – get rid of the send in utf-8 question-dialog, just silently switch to utf-8 if necessary
  • Fixed: 429891 – Extra CR LF inserted every 10 KB in message in POP3 Sent folder
  • Fixed: 443993 – Moved IMAP junk message does not preserve junkstatusorigin and junkpercent
  • Fixed: 447860 – GetMsgTextFromStream should use more libmime
  • Fixed: 448558 – Deleting multiple mails from Junk ends in “The current command did not succeed” (IMAP)
  • Fixed: 449735 – Fix splashos2.rc for comm-central static builds
  • Fixed: 449753 – Remove redundant export of header files from mailnews/addrbook/src/

Shredder Alpha 2 is now under QA testing. More details can be found on the wiki page here.

No outstanding bugs (marked blocking-thunderbird3.0b1+).

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Thunderbird Trunk

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Bug Day on Thursday 07 August 2008

The Thunderbird folks are organizing a bug day this Thursday, 07 August 2008. The schedule is located here. Generally, feel free to pop by outside of the sessions as well, some experienced folks should be around to help you.

The focus of this bug day is found here.


Triaging is easy! You don’t have to be able to understand computer languages in order to triage most bugs.

You just have to try and reproduce the bug by following the steps written in the report. Add a comment stating whether the bug still applies in the latest supported version of Thunderbird 2 (, or in the trunk nightlies (3.0b1pre) for the more adventurous.

Thunderbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Please drop by #bugday and help us get our bug numbers down; we need your help! First timers and experienced triagers welcome.

We have three official sessions to assist anyone who wants to contribute.

Results of the bug day will be posted to Mozilla Wiki.

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My 38 hour trip, Whistler to Singapore.

Back to Singapore for studies, after bears, rockslides and power outages. I’m guessing you’ve read enough about these 3 events by now. I’ll spare you that. Thanks especially to dportillo for all that logistics arrangements to get us back home.

T refers to 11.15am PDT, Friday, 1 Aug 08. The time the last bus left Whistler. (Note that all times are approximate.)

T-8.5: Send off 3am PDT bus, then sleep.
T-1: Wake, then pack up to go to the lobby.
T: Bus leaves.
T+2: First pit stop.
T+4: Second pit stop at Boston Bar.
T+7: Reach Sheraton Hotel.
T+8: Reach Mozilla Messaging office at 675, West Hastings St. (personal thanks go out to asuth and dbaron)
T+10: Prepare to head to Vancouver Airport, via 98 B-Line and 424. Approximate route taken is shown.
T+12: Reach Vancouver Airport. (personal thanks go out to aravind)
T+14.5: Flight lifts off after 30+min delay.
T+27.5: Land at Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong. Transit stop.
T+30.5: Flight lifts off on time.
T+34: Land at Singapore Changi Airport.
T+35: Collect baggage and leave airport by bus to mid-point.
T+36: Reach mid-point. While there, hungry, take the chance to have afternoon tea.
T+37: Finish afternoon tea, then board connecting bus.
T+38: Mission accomplished.

P.S.: It’s now 5pm (T+39) GMT+8 as I write this, but I have no idea what my body clock is, though I did sleep through half the flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong…

P.P.S.: I did enjoy the flight(s) though. Cathay Pacific is my favourite airline, especially since I’m from Hong Kong.

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