Amaya, Mercurial m-c & c-c bundles, and Ubiquity commands

So I decided to try out some new stuff over the weekend:

The first is using Amaya in place of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, sometimes I think Dreamweaver is overkill for what I need and Nvu / KompoZer somehow didn’t cut it anymore. Yes, I kind of prefer WYSIWYG capability, so Amaya seemed to fit the bill, moreover it’s free and open source.

Second, I have lots of bandwidth to spare, and I just encountered the pain of trying to clone mozilla-central from scratch with a flaky and unreliable internet connection. No matter how long you try, it does not seem to finish, so I resorted to Benjamin Smedberg’s bundle file that saved me lots of agony.

Metalink to the mozilla-central bundle: (downloaded >600 times)
changeset 18525, updated as of 20080829-10:05:02 PDT. (74M)
SHA-1: 7d069e0a186c556ef1039ad03d0ebb5edb2b48d4

Metalink to the comm-central bundle: (downloaded >450 times)
changeset 227, updated as of 20080829-16:27:14 PDT. (7.6M)
SHA-1: ade283eca96c354d8b8eac63f2c17258e5bc5c57

Please try out the metalinks (generated here) as they will verify the download automatically with the SHA-1 hashes. The instructions below are adapted from his page.

Unbundle the above repositories using the following steps, substituting mozilla-central and comm-central as necessary:
1 – Create a new repository
$ hg init mozilla-central
2 – Unbundle it.
$ cd mozilla-central
$ hg unbundle /<path>/<to>/mozilla-central.bundle
3 – Tell Mercurial where you normally want to pull from by copying the following content into your mozilla-central/.hg/hgrc file:
default =
4 – Pull the latest changes and update your local repository.
$ hg pull -u
This way, the repositories should set up much faster if you have a flaky connection; you can always resume and verify your download if you are getting the bundle files.

Finally, I have also joined the current craze of writing Ubiquity commands, and I did up one (adapted from the MDC one by Eric Shepherd) that uses Google Search for NUS’s (my school) webpages, however, no matter how I try, I can’t seem to get it to work successfully. Basically, I set up everything properly, permit the javascript at the red permissions page, but nothing seems to occur after I type in the “nus” keyword.

Any ideas about this?

Edit: Upgrading to Ubiquity 0.1.1 fixed this issue for me. Note that you will have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to each javascript subscription for it to work properly.

Edit 2: Note that comm-central’s will pull in mozilla-central as well. You can easily use the mozilla-central bundle for this purpose, but you should ensure that your .hg/hgrc file in that repository is also updated.

Edit 3: I should be setting up a dedicated WordPress page for these bundles in the future…