DreamHost Discount Code – RUMBLINGEDGE

Quite a lot of people use DreamHost nowadays, and I ought to say that I have been pretty satisfied with their service so far in my few weeks of hosting with them. In the spirit of discount codes offered by Jesse and Grey, here’s the promo code for The Rumbling Edge:



  1. Save $32 off any plan, monthly, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years, you decide the duration.
  2. 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan – Bonus 1!
  3. 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP to any plan – Bonus 2!

I don’t want to introduce any sort of competition for these kind of codes / referrals though, Jesse and I both get $20 for each referrals our codes generate, and Grey’s codes are special-offer ones that not all of us possess right now. I couldn’t give a one-off $77 discount as Jesse does, as my system limits to $50, but I have thrown in the other freebies as listed above and you still save $32.

(Do the math yourself — $97 referral dollars from DreamHost, minus $32 [savings] and $15 [domain] and $30 [unique IP] equals $20)

Remember, the RUMBLINGEDGE code should be entered into the promotion code entry field when signing up, and DreamHost has a 97-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to change your mind in the future. This code will remain active for as long as DreamHost allows, else I will edit this entry if circumstances do change in the future.