My 38 hour trip, Whistler to Singapore.

Back to Singapore for studies, after bears, rockslides and power outages. I’m guessing you’ve read enough about these 3 events by now. I’ll spare you that. Thanks especially to dportillo for all that logistics arrangements to get us back home.

T refers to 11.15am PDT, Friday, 1 Aug 08. The time the last bus left Whistler. (Note that all times are approximate.)

T-8.5: Send off 3am PDT bus, then sleep.
T-1: Wake, then pack up to go to the lobby.
T: Bus leaves.
T+2: First pit stop.
T+4: Second pit stop at Boston Bar.
T+7: Reach Sheraton Hotel.
T+8: Reach Mozilla Messaging office at 675, West Hastings St. (personal thanks go out to asuth and dbaron)
T+10: Prepare to head to Vancouver Airport, via 98 B-Line and 424. Approximate route taken is shown.
T+12: Reach Vancouver Airport. (personal thanks go out to aravind)
T+14.5: Flight lifts off after 30+min delay.
T+27.5: Land at Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong. Transit stop.
T+30.5: Flight lifts off on time.
T+34: Land at Singapore Changi Airport.
T+35: Collect baggage and leave airport by bus to mid-point.
T+36: Reach mid-point. While there, hungry, take the chance to have afternoon tea.
T+37: Finish afternoon tea, then board connecting bus.
T+38: Mission accomplished.

P.S.: It’s now 5pm (T+39) GMT+8 as I write this, but I have no idea what my body clock is, though I did sleep through half the flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong…

P.P.S.: I did enjoy the flight(s) though. Cathay Pacific is my favourite airline, especially since I’m from Hong Kong.