Thunderbird 0.1 released! (>5 years ago…)

(Blame me for roaming about my old Mozilla archives prior to the summit, but here’s what I found!)

Just over 5 years ago, Thunderbird 0.1 candidate milestones came out. It was also about the time I started to volunteer for the Thunderbird project, just after entering high school. I created installers and posted them in the mozillaZine forums. Back then, there were only Windows binaries but no installers, and there weren’t any builds for other platforms as well. These installers were smaller by a few MBs (5+ for the installer vs 7+ for the .zip) because they made use of cutting-edge (at that time) 7z compression. Their release notes can still be found here.

Here they are, only Windows binaries in my installers. They should work in Windows XP, though one can always extract the files out of the installer and run them separately. Don’t run / install them unless you’re adventurous, and BACKUP your profile first, I haven’t used them myself after lying around for so long somewhere in a data backup disc.. Again, Thunderbird 3 may come out at the end of this year / start of next year so please do not report any bugs found in the antique builds below, especially if they threaten to eat your dog’s food or volunteer to hang out your clothes to sun.

This is just to see how things have progressed since >5 years ago:

Thunderbird 0.1 candidate 20030625

Thunderbird 0.1 release – released 2003-07-28 – Official release notes

Thunderbird 0.2 candidate 20030826

Thunderbird 0.2 release – released 2003-09-03 – Official release notes

Thunderbird 0.3 candidate 20030912

.iss Inno Setup file used to generate the installers

Bonus: Mozilla and Mozilla 1.5b

I’m sure some of us reading this post can trace their history back to the milestone releases of the suite, but I only recall starting to use Mozilla 0.9.1 when in middle school and couldn’t find that binary in my house anymore. (Excluding Netscape, I was introduced to Netscape 4.x when I was just a kid!)

Hope they work out fine after all these years! (but don’t panic if they don’t, use a newer version. 😛 )

Edit: Thunderbird 0.1 candidate 20030625 still can be started up to work with Gmail IMAP, running on XP SP3 after using the installer!