July 2008

Bear with me while you sleep at Whistler…

Just after 5.30am on Tuesday 29 July, outside Westin Resort & Spa while most were sleeping, feeling safe and sound…

“… garbage bear, pretty tame. May break car windows if it’s bad …”

“… runs off at the sound of key jingles or bear bells …”

“… runs off at camera flashes, though some will charge at you …”

“… average of three bears are shot dead every year for entering people’s kitchens …”

“… it alone has enough power to rip off doors …”

Note: All quotes are courtesy of a local I spoke to, after seeing him throw a box to chase the bear away from some beer bottles.

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Just spotted these…

Source. Additional thanks: T. Cohen (Note: We have no relations with the Summit Lodge whatsoever)

Source. Additional thanks: T. Cohen

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Thunderbird 0.1 released! (>5 years ago…)

(Blame me for roaming about my old Mozilla archives prior to the summit, but here’s what I found!)

Just over 5 years ago, Thunderbird 0.1 candidate milestones came out. It was also about the time I started to volunteer for the Thunderbird project, just after entering high school. I created installers and posted them in the mozillaZine forums. Back then, there were only Windows binaries but no installers, and there weren’t any builds for other platforms as well. These installers were smaller by a few MBs (5+ for the installer vs 7+ for the .zip) because they made use of cutting-edge (at that time) 7z compression. Their release notes can still be found here.

Here they are, only Windows binaries in my installers. They should work in Windows XP, though one can always extract the files out of the installer and run them separately. Don’t run / install them unless you’re adventurous, and BACKUP your profile first, I haven’t used them myself after lying around for so long somewhere in a data backup disc.. Again, Thunderbird 3 may come out at the end of this year / start of next year so please do not report any bugs found in the antique builds below, especially if they threaten to eat your dog’s food or volunteer to hang out your clothes to sun.

This is just to see how things have progressed since >5 years ago:

Thunderbird 0.1 candidate 20030625

Thunderbird 0.1 release – released 2003-07-28 – Official release notes

Thunderbird 0.2 candidate 20030826

Thunderbird 0.2 release – released 2003-09-03 – Official release notes

Thunderbird 0.3 candidate 20030912

.iss Inno Setup file used to generate the installers

Bonus: Mozilla and Mozilla 1.5b

I’m sure some of us reading this post can trace their history back to the milestone releases of the suite, but I only recall starting to use Mozilla 0.9.1 when in middle school and couldn’t find that binary in my house anymore. (Excluding Netscape, I was introduced to Netscape 4.x when I was just a kid!)

Hope they work out fine after all these years! (but don’t panic if they don’t, use a newer version. 😛 )

Edit: Thunderbird 0.1 candidate 20030625 still can be started up to work with Gmail IMAP, running on XP SP3 after using the installer!

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Thunderbird Mercurial comm-central builds now available.

Fresh off the oven, Thunderbird Mercurial comm-central builds are now available, as we continue our move off CVS. They can be downloaded from the comm-central hourly builds links, if you’re interested in hourlies (Not recommended unless you know what you are doing!). Be sure to click the latest changeset to obtain the latest code.

I tested the Mac build with changeset ID 1216968657, and it seems to startup and download my mails fine. A far cry from the flames just even a couple of hours ago.

Subsequent nightlies will be built off comm-central as well. Many thanks to the great work put into this by KaiRo, Standard8, gozer among others!

Thunderbird Trunk

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Thunderbird Released

Changelog for previous release (Thunderbird | Changelogs for other Thunderbird releases

Released on 23 Jul 08, and this changelog was last updated on 24 Jul 08.

Mozilla Thunderbird has been released. Release notes are available. This post lists the improvements in Thunderbird over This list encompasses almost every single known fix that went into this release. Do check out the known issues as well.

The Gecko 1.8.1.x branch (Thunderbird 2.0.0.x series) will not include any groundbreaking features that Gecko 1.9.x will bring, since it is based on Gecko 1.8. Additionally, in order to synchronize the version numbering with Firefox, was dropped in favour of

Impact key for security issues listed on the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories webpage:

  • Critical: Vulnerability can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.
  • High: Vulnerability can be used to gather sensitive data from sites in other windows or inject data or code into those sites, requiring no more than normal browsing actions.
  • Moderate: Vulnerabilities that would otherwise be High or Critical except they only work in uncommon non-default configurations or require the user to perform complicated and/or unlikely steps.
  • Low: Minor security vulnerabilities such as Denial of Service attacks, minor data leaks, or spoofs. (Undetectable spoofs of SSL indicia would have "High" impact because those are generally used to steal sensitive data intended for other sites.)

Changes in (15)

Security issues: (8)

  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-34 – Remote code execution by overflowing CSS reference counter (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-33 – Crash and remote code execution in block reflow (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-31 – Peer-trusted certs can use alt names to spoof (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-25 – Arbitrary code execution in mozIJSSubScriptLoader.loadSubScript() (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-24 – Chrome script loading from fastload file (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-21 – Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: (Moderate)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-29 – Faulty .properties file results in uninitialized memory being used (Low)
  • Fixed: MFSA 2008-26 – Buffer length checks in MIME processing (Low)

Other fixes: (7)

  • Fixed: 90584 – charset=… must be applied to non-MIME Subject:/From:/To:/etc. fields
  • Fixed: 381588 – Junk filter duplicating messages when connections cached set to 1 plus non-inbox folders configured to get checked for new messages
  • Fixed: 411481 – Make it easier for extensions to overlay the TB menubar by adding IDs
  • Fixed: 413874 – Audit mail MIME code for string buffer abuse
  • Fixed: 417957 – Setting mail.auth_login and mail.server.default.auth_login to false breaks IMAP after restart
  • Fixed: 432026 – Various accessibility fixes in mail/base/content XUL files
  • Fixed: 432919 – Help viewer content pane should not allow scripts, plugins, meta redirects, or subframes

Windows builds Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Thunderbird Releases

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2008-07-22 Sunbird 0.9 builds

Current Sunbird (0.8) | Next planned Sunbird (0.9) | Previous releases


  • Fixed: 290325 – Font is too small and gets cut off when event time is less than 30 minutes
  • Fixed: 319909 – Failure to properly serialize/unserialize ics ATTACH properties
  • Fixed: 322059 – Current year not visible in any view
  • Fixed: 352513 – Localizability issues with newevent.recurrence.every.label in calendar.dtd
  • Fixed: 354979 – Timezone names sorted by their English names
  • Fixed: 358695 – Week(Multiday)view: vertical time column too wide, should be narrower
  • Fixed: 370150 – API enhancement: additions for group scheduling
  • Fixed: 375631 – New TASK column: Days to Due
  • Fixed: 391495 – calRecurrenceInfo::getNextOccurrence/getNextOccurrenceDate have bugs
  • Fixed: 392561 – Need to revise provider error notifications
  • Fixed: 397026 – Organizer’s E-Mail Account should be selectable
  • Fixed: 412962 – The filters of task pane should contain "Open Tasks" or "Not Completed Tasks"
  • Fixed: 416594 – [Task Mode] Priority and progress buttons are broken after customizing toolbar
  • Fixed: 428274 – Can’t accept Invitation when received via a mailgroup since Lightning 0.8
  • Fixed: 428324 – Creating new profile fails on some systems; error in reading from storage.sdb
  • Fixed: 429255 – Lightning not emailing invites for CalDAV calendars
  • Fixed: 429488 – Email drag and drop populates attendee list and causes failure to save event.
  • Fixed: 429687 – Follow-up features for the mode dependent today-pane
  • Fixed: 431522 – Can’t add an invitation to an event if the same event is already in one of your calendars
  • Fixed: 432417 – calRecurrenceInfo::onStartDateChange leaves wrong RECURRENCE-IDs
  • Fixed: 432660 – [RFE] Choose email account when sending mail
  • Fixed: 437442 – Update timezone definitions
  • Fixed: 437939 – Invitation counter needs restart for update
  • Fixed: 438534 – Remove processor define for windows x64 build
  • Fixed: 440017 – include config.mk before using INSTALL_LIGHTNING so that var can be set
  • Fixed: 440126 – Error during timezone guessing [ReferenceError: navigator is not defined]
  • Fixed: 440550 – XML prologue in calendar-occurrence-prompt.dtd confuses compare-locales
  • Fixed: 440715 – Event duration>’Show …hours in view’ -> selecting event in the unifinder doesn’t scroll view to event if
  • Fixed: 441528 – Need a preference setting for the default state of "send attendees invitations via email"
  • Fixed: 442392 – Expected errors are notified via dialog box
  • Fixed: 442566 – make Lightning build on new shared calendar/mail/suite repository
  • Fixed: 443157 – task invitation leads to exceptions on startup
  • Fixed: 443722 – Add possiblity to change elements order in Edit Recurrence window
  • Fixed: 444292 – Replace Decorated Header (Nav Bar) by standard Items
  • Fixed: 444407 – Progressbar should not be shown if column is to narrow or progress is 0%
  • Fixed: 444551 – Select an event in a readonly calendar and use the delete key -> error message
  • Fixed: 444713 – Allow providers to provide a set of supported timezones
  • Fixed: 444822 – Add documentation to UI code and some UI code fixes
  • Fixed: 444827 – Add binding for calendar captions
  • Fixed: 445299 – Accepting an event via iTIP/iMIP email doesn’t work
  • Fixed: 445400 – Startup Error: ics-service doesn’t recognize own tzid: Asia/Choibalsan
  • Fixed: 445488 – Mind default alarm setting if replying via invitations or event summary dialog
  • Fixed: 445728 – Delete an single event of a recurring event with attendees -> ‘Notify Attendees’ dialog pops up two times
  • Fixed: 445796 – Deleting an event without attendees prompts "Notify Attendees" dialog
  • Fixed: 446170 – Lightning builds fail [make: *** ../../extensions/webdav: No such file or directory. Stop.]
  • Fixed: 446190 – alarm service should mind disabled calendars

Common (Providers):

  • Fixed: 338527 – Load of remote calendar fails if ‘Automatic proxy configuration URL’ is set
  • Fixed: 432579 – Enabling cache for public calendar like US Holidays causes entries to dissappear
  • Fixed: 436476 – Deleting a single instance of a recurring event fails
  • Fixed: 438515 – Lightning doesn’t send iTIP messages on event updates in CalDAV calendars
  • Fixed: 441246 – Add support for categories in Google Calendar
  • Fixed: 441748 – deleting a single occurrence of a ‘non floating’ all day rule is not possible
  • Fixed: 442651 – No organizer in the attendees dialog
  • Fixed: 443361 – Misleading logon prompt when subscribing to multiple Google calendars
  • Fixed: 444748 – Get rid of custom timezone service


  • Fixed: 435390 – Style sheet missing from iMip/iTip
  • Fixed: 437451 – Menu "File -> New -> Calendar" is disabled in Mail Mode
  • Fixed: 438546 – "Select All" (Ctrl+A) & "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) in Mail mode doesn’t work anymore
  • Fixed: 440022 – ensure that Lightning doesn’t have empty min/maxVersion in install.rdf
  • Fixed: 442003 – Create a binding to easily add notification bars to emails
  • Fixed: 442571 – Integrate "Create a new Calendar" into the account central pane
  • Fixed: 445997 – No email identity in calendar properties selected


  • Fixed: 445527 – Some keyboard shortcuts are not shown in menu
  • Fixed: 445545 – Port Firefox/Thunderbird Bug 378598 to Sunbird

Outstanding bugs (marked blocking-calendar0.9+): (28)

  • Open: 390036 – https webdav based ICS or CalDAV calendar and secure IMAP/SMTP (SSL) email accounts leads to TB hanging with 50% cpu usage
  • Open: 405530 – Dismissed alarms re-triggered after remote calendar automatic refresh
  • Open: 409845 – [Mac] ‘Preferences’ and ‘Quit Thunderbird’ are disabled in Calendar mode and Task mode
  • Open: 409921 – Implement CalDAV scheduling
  • Open: 429664 – Floating events overlapps events with timezone
  • Open: 434354 – CalDAV provider should cope with multiple principal-collection-sets
  • Open: 437347 – zero-length events/tasks overlaps in calendar view
  • Open: 437412 – zero-length and short events are shown at the wrong times in the timegrid
  • Open: 437420 – Wrong display of WCAP all day events in the unifinder
  • Open: 437441 – Finalize calendar-timezones.xpi
  • Open: 437622 – Sunbird: Upgrade via update mechanism fails, restart results in error on local calendars (timezone extension not installed)
  • Open: 438029 – Display of overlapping events in rotated day/week view is broken
  • Open: 438963 – All day event is shown on the day before the actual day of the event (only in the today pane)
  • Open: 439309 – text overlap of short events at same time
  • Open: 440106 – Editing of an event on a cached calendar in online mode isn’t possible
  • Open: 440358 – no WCAP calendar events visible after restart of sunbird
  • Open: 442236 – change timezone from non-server-TZ back to server-TZ and reopen the timezone dialog causes exceptions
  • Open: 442881 – Error message after closing the timezone dialog
  • Open: 442915 – Warning: reference to undefined property this.mTaskArray[aRow]
  • Open: 444276 – Try to accept a iTIP/iMIP invitation (open Mail in a separate window) -> select calendar dialog is empty
  • Open: 444532 – Select ‘Convert to->Task/event’ in the preview pane in mailmode causes an uncaught exception
  • Open: 445287 – Cache combined with read-only calendar spawns error flood
  • Open: 445492 – Use ‘DEL’ key to delete an event of a WCAP rule -> ‘Deleting Repeating Event’ dialog starts two times.
  • Open: 445731 – Editing an saved event with an attendee -> 2 mails were send, one ‘Event Invitation’, one Event Canceled’
  • Open: 445736 – Wcap event/non-server attendee -> organizer gets no Update button in reply mail
  • Open: 445995 – Event dialog also contains elements from task dialog
  • Open: 446512 – Recent nightlies of Lightning cause NULL-pointer dereference crash in TB
  • Open: 446666 – "Send attendees invitations via email" checkbox is disabled (grayed out)

Lightning .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi, gdata provider

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi, gdata provider

Mac builds Official Mac .xpi, gdata provider

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

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2008-07-22 Thunderbird Trunk builds

What’s new in Trunk since 12 August 2005 | Current Shredder – Alpha 1 | Previous releases


  • Fixed: 148195 – remove session-logout code from mailnews
  • Fixed: 230448 – Change default forwarding preference to inline instead of attachment
  • Fixed: 297534 – Want to entirely disable marking a message as read when viewed
  • Fixed: 323531 – crash when deleting all attachments after(!) detaching all of them from one mail [@ CompareAttachmentPartId]
  • Fixed: 324953 – Run Junk Mail Controls (on selected messages) broken
  • Fixed: 345468 – port fix for bug #341697 (branding wizards) to tbird
  • Fixed: 365623 – [TB3a1] memory leak on account setting dialog box.
  • Fixed: 365723 – [TB3a1] memory leak after closing message window
  • Fixed: 369159 – missing access keys for Gmail, RSS News & Blogs, and Movemail account types in the account wizard
  • Fixed: 373345 – Clicking "About Mozilla Thunderbird" has the build ID highlighted
  • Fixed: 373403 – Bogus Vista Keys from Shim Need Cleaned Up When Installing Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 386158 – Sending receipt fails but no warning returns to user
  • Fixed: 392016 – User certificates are not retrieved if Address Autocompletion for LDAP is (globally) disabled
  • Fixed: 397621 – Thunderbird Nightlies/RCs/Beta builds should have different branding to full releases like Firefox
  • Fixed: 424756 – [Mac] If there’s an open about window, activate it on Thunderbird->About Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 425849 – Consider changing mail.imap.fetch_by_chunks pref value
  • Fixed: 426046 – "About" dialog: add full BuildID, as in Firefox
  • Fixed: 431130 – xpcshell test test_nsIDownloadHistory.js fails on Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 432188 – Swap Thunderbird to use www.mozillamessaging.com for in-product pages
  • Fixed: 436869 – non-standard MIME types, application/x-pkcs7-mime and application/x-pkcs7-signature – don’t need the x- prefix
  • Fixed: 439320 – Use timed textbox in mailnews and addressbook (port bug 179050 to Thunderbird)
  • Fixed: 439367 – De-rdfifiy msgViewNavigation.js
  • Fixed: 439486 – Right-clicking on an IMAP or NNTP folder, selecting Subscribe displays empty folder list
  • Fixed: 439601 – use of wbr tag by YahooGroups corrupts text in simple HTML view
  • Fixed: 440286 – Add Thunderbird UI for System Proxy Settings (port firefox bug 416274)
  • Fixed: 440513 – Thunderbird always displays "Delete" in Address Book edit menu, despite code being there for more (also port bug 112959)
  • Fixed: 441342 – Get rid of empty <contextHelp.js>
  • Fixed: 441429 – In <FilterEditor.xul>, "Warning: Failed to load overlay from chrome://messenger/content/msgFolderPickerOverlay.xul."
  • Fixed: 441448 – Folder dialogs have useless includes
  • Fixed: 441476 – No icons in addressbook search results in Pinstripe
  • Fixed: 441480 – doHelpButton() doesn’t help
  • Fixed: 441750 – Clicking on column headers doesn’t change the sort.
  • Fixed: 441940 – Clean up msgSynchronize’s include/global story
  • Fixed: 442052 – Update preferences for "browser.download.manager.useWindow"
  • Fixed: 442246 – In <am-offline.xul>, "Warning: Failed to load overlay from chrome://messenger/content/msgFolderPickerOverlay.xul."
  • Fixed: 442337 – GetSelectedIndices busted
  • Fixed: 442360 – Drag and drop of folders broken (yet again)
  • Fixed: 442523 – Clean up some unused Pinstripe bits
  • Fixed: 442549 – Add ids to accountCentral
  • Fixed: 442874 – Remove some unnecessary force overrides in mail/base/jar.mn
  • Fixed: 443398 – Fix remaining parts of unofficial branding
  • Fixed: 443539 – Remove mail-biff-badge vestiges
  • Fixed: 443671 – Remove 3pane layout preference leftovers
  • Fixed: 443846 – thunderbird connection settings dialog should make use of type="number" textboxes
  • Fixed: 443908 – "next" shortcut in account setup for News, Server information panel doesn’t work
  • Fixed: 444281 – More unused Pinstripe images
  • Fixed: 445501 – Two images on officially branded Thunderbird migration wizard
  • Fixed: 445708 – Disable official branding on Thunderbird l10n tinderboxes.
  • Fixed: 446266 – Missing accesskey for Print Preview in Message Pane context-menu

MailNews and other related categories:

  • Fixed: 11054 – Ignore (kill) a Subthread (branch: not the whole thread) (Troll)
  • Fixed: 22102 – Load next message before performing IMAP delete/move
  • Fixed: 58775 – remove empty threads from db when last msg header is deleted to improve performance
  • Fixed: 59279 – investigate Mork memory allocation improvements
  • Fixed: 64580 – NNTP logs XPAT twice
  • Fixed: 72899 – fix GetHasSubFolders() and fix nsMsgFolderDataSource::createFolderChildNode to use it
  • Fixed: 166164 – default for MDN confirmation dialog should be No (i.e. Do Not Send)
  • Fixed: 169588 – make nsIMIMEConverter minimally scriptable
  • Fixed: 190974 – [IMAP] Can’t manage mail by ‘deleted’ flag
  • Fixed: 200138 – Delete Mail Marked as Junk changes/forces selection
  • Fixed: 213729 – should look in mem cache for messages when offline
  • Fixed: 229032 – modernize ‘String’ usage in mailnews
  • Fixed: 262641 – Import of account settings from Outlook Express misses SSL/port number/root folder
  • Fixed: 278383 – Get All New Messages doesn’t work with movemail account
  • Fixed: 341312 – Wrong event-name
  • Fixed: 366837 – "LDAP server connection failed" message erases address, user can’t edit address
  • Fixed: 369918 – Crash Loading a Saved Search Folder [ nsMsgQuickSearchDBView::OnSearchDone]
  • Fixed: 372786 – Keynote files sent as attachments cannot be opened by the receiver of the e-mail
  • Fixed: 373967 – Custom column added by extension is not displayed properly while in "grouped by sort"
  • Fixed: 382446 – Alert on shutdown when using ldaps address book – "operation can not be completed because of an internal failure. A secure network communication has not been cleaned up correctly."
  • Fixed: 411988 – hang in nsMsgSearchTerm::MatchArbitraryHeader while getting mail
  • Fixed: 414179 – Add junkpercent support to nsIMsgSearchTerm
  • Fixed: 416284 – Detached attachments should not be able to be re-detached
  • Fixed: 419143 – Ignore thread filter action doesn’t
  • Fixed: 428427 – Unread count in virtual folders not updated for changed headers
  • Fixed: 428729 – setting "watch thread" does not work as a filter action
  • Fixed: 431414 – Review MailNews uses of idl functions that return xpcom allocated arrays […, array, …] for memory leaks
  • Fixed: 433175 – freeze when specific custom tags are added in a specific order. (A tag, "abc", and tag of substring of the tag, "bc", then loop in saved search of "Tag contains bc")
  • Fixed: 437192 – Implement a POP fake server testing scheme for /mailnews
  • Fixed: 437619 – Centralise and de-branch the Address Book results view functions
  • Fixed: 437903 – Can’t send emails to OS X mailing lists.
  • Fixed: 438035 – nsAbView does dangerous things to nsIAbDirectory objects and doesn’t clean up itself as a listener
  • Fixed: 438654 – Set imap keywords for junk messages in manual junk analysis.
  • Fixed: 439266 – Leak of array if rv != NS_OK in BuildSearchElements()
  • Fixed: 439471 – "Allow remote images in HTML mail" is selectable on OS X cards
  • Fixed: 439475 – Crash [@ConvertToCard] when deleting card/mailing list from Mac OS X Address Book and Thunderbird Address Book is open
  • Fixed: 439494 – folderRenamed nsIMsgFolderListener notification in local folders broken
  • Fixed: 439925 – nsMsgCopyService::CopyMessages not working as intended in xpcshell tests on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: 440185 – crash importing outlook email [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::IsChildOfTrash]
  • Fixed: 440190 – crash importing outlook contact csv data file [@ nsTextAddress::GetField]
  • Fixed: 440712 – In <smtpEditOverlay.js>, "Warning: assignment to undeclared variable gSmtpUseSecAuth"
  • Fixed: 441043 – Change nsIMsgFolderListener folderDeleted notification to fire only for the topmost folder deleted
  • Fixed: 441075 – mailto:?body= gives corrupted body (send link from firefox gets corrupted) in plain text composition
  • Fixed: 441191 – POP/RSS automatic filtering: delete message action is marking read, not deleting
  • Fixed: 441220 – Port |Bug 183419 – Message Filter dialog and Search dialogs (Message, Address) need close facilities (was buttons)| to Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 441586 – Autocomplete not matching nicknames for mailing lists
  • Fixed: 441914 – Add missing error checks in search views
  • Fixed: 441916 – Consolidate UpdateSummaryTotals into nsMsgDBFolder
  • Fixed: 441987 – Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder broken (again)
  • Fixed: 442256 – Make getURIs/IndicesForSelection easier to call from JS
  • Fixed: 442800 – Add database listener to local GetDBFolderInfoAndDB
  • Fixed: 443035 – Some Address Book functions are disabled when the abResultsTree has focus
  • Fixed: 443296 – morkRowCellCursor::NextCell skips first cell
  • Fixed: 444211 – OS X mailing list name not visible within the contacts sidebar
  • Fixed: 444417 – IMAP undo of delete appears to work, but doesn’t
  • Fixed: 445167 – Remove "comments only" <msgHdrViewAddresses.js>
  • Fixed: 445199 – GetMsgTextFromStream should return an AUTF8String
  • Fixed: 445343 – adding imap saved search creates unneeded .sbd
  • Fixed: 445403 – imap saved searches with spaces in the name display escaped name
  • Fixed: 445554 – MsgMailboxGetURI doesn’t escape the relative path as should be done for a URL
  • Fixed: 446047 – IMAP Empty Folder action does not result in nsIMsgFolderListener notification

Note: Development on CVS has now ceased, and further progress will occur on hg (Mercurial). Thunderbird 3 development will also move over to Gecko 1.9.1.x instead of the 1.9.0.x branch. More information on the migration can be found on this wiki page.

Outstanding bugs (marked blocking-thunderbird3.0a2+): (2)

  • Open: 411171 – Thunderbird Mac tinderbox crashing in dump_syms
  • Open: 443369 – Prepare Thunderbird 3 Alpha 2 release notes

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Thunderbird Trunk

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I will be on vacation for the next fortnight till the Summit, with my MacBook Pro in the service centre due to it being unable to charge even after a power cable replacement. 🙁 So I’ll be off Bugzilla, IRC, newsgroups, and only extremely intermittent via email.

The Rumbling Edge will return after that, including catching up on changelogs for upcoming releases Thunderbird and Shredder Alpha 2, due out this month.

Edit on 24 July: I’m back, MBP is fine now, pre-Summit! Besides catching up on (bi)weekly changelists and release changelogs, Thunderbird 2.0 branch posts will be discontinued since they have very little development occurring there. Changelogs will be posted only when releases are actually released.

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