June 2008

2008-06-04 Thunderbird Trunk builds

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  • Fixed: 217942 – No visible hotkeys for get all mail and no menu items for "Get mail" [get new messages]
  • Fixed: 260422 – Enable/disable message filter makes filter list jump to the top of the list
  • Fixed: 322628 – Palm Sync Build Changes to automate build and install in profile extensions
  • Fixed: 376877 – Investigate duplicate all-l10n.js packaging in windows installer
  • Fixed: 390071 – Save as, detach, delete not available for multiple selected attachments
  • Fixed: 417354 – Remove timeouts from Thunderbird startup
  • Fixed: 420469 – Remove superfluous access key in Account settings -> Server settings
  • Fixed: 422474 – Excise nsMsgFilterDataSource and friends
  • Fixed: 431247 – "Get All New Messages" was broken (same action as "Get Mail" on selected account/folder)
  • Fixed: 431681 – Add nn-NO to Thunderbird all-locales
  • Fixed: 432033 – Accessibility fixes in mail/components/preferences XUL files
  • Fixed: 433690 – nominated word by spell checker disappear on the context menu in the writing window
  • Fixed: 434978 – Addressbook view not updated when a new card is created while creating a new mailing list
  • Fixed: 435804 – Remaining rdf cleanup for FilterListDialog
  • Fixed: 436060 – Prompt to send "unsent" pauses startup
  • Fixed: 436677 – Clean up rdf consumers of the addressbook
  • Fixed: 436692 – Remove mailWindowExtrasOverlay
  • Fixed: 436701 – Clean up msgSelectOffline include story
  • Fixed: 437099 – filter list doesn’t stretch to full height as it should

MailNews and other related categories:

  • Fixed: 76601 – remove extra str copy in nsMsgMailNewsUrl::SchemeIs() when #73845 is fixed
  • Fixed: 214751 – Clean up ReverseThreads() and ReverseSort()
  • Fixed: 228675 – Limit growth of junk token store
  • Fixed: 265441 – GetDiskSpaceAvailable returned: -623808512 bytes
  • Fixed: 362396 – Attachments: Detaching an attachment created an invalid URL for attachment
  • Fixed: 384599 – want pref to quote text attachment in reply
  • Fixed: 397811 – Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI
  • Fixed: 410177 – Drop nsISupportsArray usage from Address Book where possible
  • Fixed: 414432 – Change nsIMsgHeaderParser::makeFullAddress to use AStrings and provide a string noscript implementation
  • Fixed: 417957 – Setting mail.auth_login and mail.server.default.auth_login to false breaks IMAP after restart
  • Fixed: 421443 – Remove rdf dependent methods from nsIMessenger.idl
  • Fixed: 428040 – two blank lines are inserted after signature when top-posting
  • Fixed: 433406 – Once spell checker is disabled, it can’t be enabled again
  • Fixed: 433697 – Enable .wdseml file opening support for Mail/News
  • Fixed: 434110 – imap subscribe UI doesn’t handle folders with a leading hierarchy delimiter
  • Fixed: 434644 – Crash [@ nsMsgImapHdrXferInfo::GetHeader] when accessing IMAP folder
  • Fixed: 434810 – For mailnews unit tests, move setup/teardown to called functions
  • Fixed: 435228 – nsMsgMailSesssion::AddFolderListener allows duplicate listeners
  • Fixed: 435259 – playing back offline delete of unread IMAP message gets unread count in Trash wrong
  • Fixed: 435290 – Remove nsISupportsArray instances from parts of base, local, and imap
  • Fixed: 435483 – crash after purge service runs
  • Fixed: 435587 – Crash [@ nsMsgCompose::ProcessSignature] when htmlSigText is set but no signature file is given
  • Fixed: 436086 – Change nsMsgDBFolder::mSubFolders to a nsCOMArray instead of a nsISupportsArray
  • Fixed: 436104 – Potentially erratic searching through address books
  • Fixed: 436195 – "ASSERTION: invalid min or max param: ‘min <= max && min > 0’" when accessing a newsgroup
  • Fixed: 436214 – Deleting an imap message offline can cause an assertion nsMsgHdr::SetThreadParent "can’t be your own parent
  • Fixed: 436793 – Inconsistent function prototypes for DownloadMessagesForOffline and DeleteSubFolders functions
  • Fixed: 436848 – Make it possible to specify the ldap_2.servers. preference when creating an address book
  • Fixed: 437035 – Remove Mac OS X AB specific override for creating a Mac OS X AB via UI.

No outstanding bugs (marked blocking-thunderbird3.0a2+).

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Thunderbird Trunk

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2008-06-04 Thunderbird builds

Current Thunderbird 2.0 ( | Next planned Thunderbird 2.0 ( | Previous releases

  • Fixed: 381588 – Junk filter duplicating messages when connections cached set to 1 plus non-inbox folders configured to get checked for new messages
  • Fixed: 432026 – Various accessibility fixes in mail/base/content XUL files
  • Fixed: 432311 – branch landing of bug#351476 (conversion of line endings in browser/EULA)

(Note: I will be lumping all the fixes together from version onwards. It no longer makes sense to categorize them due to the small numbers of significant changes)

No outstanding bugs.

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

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Bug Day on Thursday 05 June 2008

The Thunderbird folks are organizing a bug day this Thursday, 05 June 2008. The schedule is located here. Generally, feel free to pop by outside of the sessions as well, some experienced folks should be around to help you.

The focus of this bug day is found here.


Triaging is easy! You don’t have to be able to understand computer languages in order to triage most bugs.

You just have to try and reproduce the bug by following the steps written in the report. Add a comment stating whether the bug still applies in the latest supported version of Thunderbird 2 (, or in the trunk nightlies (3.0a2pre) for the more adventurous.

Thunderbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)

Please drop by #bugday and help us get our bug numbers down; we need your help! First timers and experienced triagers welcome.

Due to timing restrictions, we only have one official session, from 12pm to 2pm PDT, to assist anyone who wants to contribute. (My nick is "nth10sd") Several experienced folks will be there to assist as well.

The results of the bug day will be posted to Mozilla Wiki.

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