[Updated!] Help Triage Old Calendar Bugs

Written on 17 Feb 2008, last updated 19 Feb 2008.

Developers note:

As Sunbird 0.8 is nearing release candidate status soon, there are just under four hundred Calendar bugs (excluding enhancements) that have not had any bug activity new comments since 27 June 2007 (0.5 release date) 25 October 2007 (0.7 release date). If you have a couple of minutes free, please help triage them by testing with the latest 0.8 nightlies and commenting if they still occur, or resolving as appropriate if not. Together as a community, this form of QA is also vital to the project.

One of the best Calendar queries (date is 25 October 2007, 0.7 release date), with last added comment added before that date:

Actual search query not available (pending fixing of bug 418068 (done) and upgrading of Bugzilla@Mozilla to 3.2)

Link to 380 bugs (Search by listing each bug number) – Thanks to a custom SQL search by Dave Miller on 17 February 2008

→ START here: Untouched bugs within these 380.

The remaining touched bugs are listed here.

Old stuff (25 June 2007, 0.5 release date):

Actual search query (Should decrease as more bug activity is added) 134 bugs at the time of writing. Edit: Within 36 hours, 25 bugs have had some activity, with 7 being resolved.

Link to the same 134 bugs (Search by listing each bug number)