Mozilla Messaging Launches

Written on 19 Feb 08, last updated 20 Feb 08 (400th post in The Rumbling Edge)

Mozilla Messaging has just launched.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined them as an intern, working on bug triage, wiki reorganization and data collection and analysis, as well as continuing to maintain The Rumbling Edge.

Of note, regarding the future of Thunderbird,

"Thunderbird already can handle RSS feeds and newsgroups, but ultimately, Ascher wants Mozilla Messaging’s software to work with instant messaging, mobile phone text messaging, and Web sites such as Facebook or Flickr that have their own e-mail systems." —CNET

More news:

Mozilla Messaging news article

Official FAQ

David Ascher

An Air Mozilla Live broadcast will feature a discussion on the launch of Mozilla Messaging (rapidly known as mozmsg MoMo via IRC), along with a segment on the upcoming Firefox 3’s new themes.

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