Monster Timezone Patch Lands

Bug 410931 has just landed. NOTE: It should bork current 0.8pre nightlies, especially when local calendars are concerned.

I did up the initial mega-patch, and with additional reviews and patches by Daniel Boelzle, Clint Talbert and Hb, bringing timezone support up-to-date in Lightning / Sunbird, based on the 2007k Olson timezone database.

If you are currently using 0.8pre nightlies, Clint adds that Thunderbird and Sunbird will start properly, but “the calendars just won’t load. So, delete the local calendars (network calendars aren’t affected) and reimport them from the backup that you made.”

This is why I am amazed by the power of open source, bringing people in the community together as a team, each contributing to his / her own ability and helping out one another.

Please remember to help test this improved functionality.

Edit: Arrgh, some other stuff got broken, patched once more!