Surveys galore – be they official or not

Surveys galore! There are now official Mozilla surveys available for all to do. The first one talks about your views on Mozilla and the community.

Psst… If you don’t mind doing a Thunderbird-specific one that I myself wrote up at the end-Oct 07, you can still do so by the way. But while mine’s not official, (and probably not done up as well since it’s a one-man operation) there will still be results coming up, along with an analysis done up by me. –not so soon though; my next week at university is packed!

Btw, the number of complete responses has rose past 625. And oh, the survey I did up, was just for fun; it does not help me in any of my homework now at all, be they projects or papers, none whatsoever. πŸ™

Edit: The survey has been closed as of ~1pm UTC on 18 Nov 07. It has ~689 complete responses, and exactly 1,000 if partial ones are included.