Some general news on Thunderbird and Calendar

1. Thunderbird 2 survey: Progress

The survey (v1) on Thunderbird 2 is still online, with more than 370 respondents so far. If you haven’t filled it up, please take around 10 minutes to do so. It comprises 10 questions, some optional. An analysis of the results will follow later. Discussions can be found on Mozilla Labs forum or MozillaZine forums.

2. Calendar: A call to action (cross-posted)

The Calendar team has written a blog post requesting for user contributions on end-user documentation, such as installation of Sunbird / Lightning and switching between different calendar views. They add that different types of help could be provided, "either by writing a tutorial, contributing screenshots or thinking of other things that could be documented".

3. David Ascher: MailCo Jobs (cross-posted)

David Ascher has a list of job descriptions for those looking to join the newly-formed subsidiary focusing on Thunderbird development. Experience in Mozilla technologies / process of development is preferred. As he goes, "We are going to be a small team (probably fewer than 10 people in the first year), with, from day 1, an awesome responsibility towards hundreds of contributors, tens of thousands of beta testers, and millions of users.".

Edit 1: Some details added, spelling & grammar fixes.

Edit 2: Updated the borked links to installation of Sunbird or Lightning.

Final edit: The number of respondents has exceeded an amazing 550 (complete responses; >800 if partial ones are included) in the space of merely a week since it began on ~29 Oct 07. It will close by before the end of November or when the limit of ~1,000 complete responses is reached. Once again, I would like to thank the community for hitting this number in such a short period of time!