Survey on Thunderbird 2 now online

Last week, I promised a survey on Thunderbird 2 after my college one, so here it is:

Thunderbird 2 survey version 1, done up end-Oct 07.

It comprises 10 questions, some optional, and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Please note that the survey is not commissioned by Mozilla nor anybody else; this is just something I am doing in my own free time. All comments are welcome, and if I have enough time / feedback, I might do up an improved version. Thank you!

Discussions can be found on Mozilla Labs forum or MozillaZine forums as well. Other bloggers’ responses are here as well.

Edit: Here are some initial results out of 150 complete responses: (75 within ~2.5 hrs, and a consistent rate till 150 within 5 hrs!)

  1. 57% power users, with 33% average users.
  2. Respondents were generally quite satisfied with almost every aspect listed, though more were satisfied to the fullest due to adherence to open standards and its stability.
  3. More than half went to MozillaZine for Thunderbird support. The next closest, at 16%, were Mozilla newsgroups.
  4. 71% keep track of Thunderbird development through Planet Mozilla blogs. Forums came in at 34%, Bugzilla at 21%. The Rumbling Edge was mentioned too. 🙂 Only 7 out of 150 did not answer this optional question.
  5. Top ranked improvements to current functionalities was "Improved global search across all types of accounts" at an average rating of 1.9 out of 8. Improved spam filtering came in a close second at 2.3.
  6. Top ranked enhancements to Thunderbird (be it as an extension or otherwise) were "Default calendaring support" at an average rating of 2.0 out of 14, followed by synchronization of data with mobile devices at 3.1 and search bar improvements at 3.3 out of 14. The ones after that are find-as-you-type at 5.2, and collapsing of quotes at 6.6.
  7. 20 respondents use the Mac version.
  8. Generally, Keychain support to store passwords was ranked comparatively more important than ability to search mail in Spotlight, whilst mail alerts came in after that, and "Others" brought up the rear. (25 respondents though vs 20 Mac version users.)
  9. To increase the number of Thunderbird users, 51% opted for more features, while the runners-up include better support, improved marketing and involvement of the community at a statistical tie of ~44% +/- 1%.
  10. Other features suggested include encryption of data, Jabber protocol support, better address book features, roaming profile, more colours for organization of data throughout the app, better IMAP support, improved filtering and better documentation on issues like how to create extensions for Thunderbird.

Thanks to everyone who have responded so far!

Edit 2: I’m currently looking around for some decent hosting. Any suggestions? Any offers to help unlock future responses beyond the 250 free ones? (I could take some out of my own pockets as well, but have limited financial capabilities; donations can be made though)

Edit 3: The responses are about to shoot over the 250 limit, and now have 236 responses in 14 hours. I am grateful to m. aram**, who has donated to offset the subscription, and I hope others would do the same. I will up to the next level (to 1,000), forking out some from my own pocket, in the next half a day or so. Thank you!

Edit 4: Within ~20 hours from the start, the limit has been reached; paid subscription has to be made to create reports on more responses. A report has been compiled and available for view for the first 249 responses.

Edit 5: More responses have been unlocked already, up till a limit of a thousand.

Final edit here: Offers of hosting have come in, the responses have been racing up (as of now ~290 complete ones), and I’ll continue on the survey progress in a new post in a few days time. Meanwhile, I will still track comments at the two forums linked above. Thanks to all who have helped in one way or another!