2007-10-15 Sunbird 0.7 builds

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  • Fixed: 398046 – Commit trunk localization of calendar to MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH
  • Fixed: 399433 – [Proto] Automatic scrolling feature doesn’t work when searching for the next free meeting slot

No outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker.

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 2 at time of writing)

0.7 RC 2 builds have been released for testing on 17 Oct 07. (Lightning / Sunbird). Volunteer testers can gather on Thursday, October 18, for testing of the final 0.7 release in #calendar-qa on IRC (the server is irc.mozilla.org).

Lightning .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi, WCAP

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi, WCAP

Mac builds Official Mac .xpi, WCAP

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)