2007-10-01 Sunbird 0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 377416 – Default Snooze Length not used
  • Fixed: 396668 – events overlap
  • Fixed: 397460 – [Today Pane] MiniDay does not change date on crossing midnight boundary
  • Fixed: 397742 – clashing calendarManagerObserver definition for calendar.prototypes.wcap


  • Fixed: 389240 – Lightning 0.5 not showing events
  • Fixed: 396686 – "This message contains an event that this version of Lightning cannot process"

No outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker.

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 5 at time of writing)

0.7 RC 1 builds have been released for testing. (Lightning / Sunbird)

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi

Mac builds Official Mac .xpi (suddenly noticed that this link wasn’t properly described; was known as .xpt file which didn’t make any sense)

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)