2007-09-18 Sunbird 0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 344452 – Don’t add universal style rules for calendars and categories
  • Fixed (again): 351084 – [Proto] Task dialog: cannot set alarm for new task, existing or default alarm throws error
  • Fixed: 370435 – Review prototype event dialog
  • Fixed: 377403 – [Proto] Event dialog: iTIP Invitations not sent
  • Fixed: 386636 – mail-mode should be visible after clicking the tray-icon of an incoming mail
  • Fixed: 388418 – [Proto] can not create ‘Last day of the month’ rule with new edit dialog
  • Fixed: 389052 – Today pane: Initial view of tasks panel displays completed tasks even when ‘show completed’ is turned off
  • Fixed: 393202 – [Proto] Event dialog: Categories hardcoded
  • Fixed: 393366 – Calendar List check boxes are not XP/Vista platform conform
  • Fixed: 393387 – week view is blank
  • Fixed: 393412 – calPeriod code improvements
  • Fixed: 394149 – [Proto] Event dialog: Status field (tentative, confirmed, canceled) is missing
  • Fixed: 395288 – [Proto] Event dialog: Wrong Reminder entry shown for reminders greater ‘7 days before the event starts’
  • Fixed: 395639 – Events with same UID’s overlap
  • Fixed: 396206 – Make it easier to overlay the calendar properties dialog
  • Fixed: 396277 – ‘View Workweek days only’ and ‘View Tasks in View’ don’t work
  • Fixed: 396279 – View doesn’t update after changing the timezone in preference dialog
  • Fixed: 396406 – Week view is collapsed vertically
  • Fixed: 396408 – Opening an ics calendar shows events in unifinder, but not in calendar pane

Common (Provider: CalDav – ICS/Webdav – Local Storage – WCAP):

  • Fixed: 395777 – [Proto] Event Dialog: Calendar List should only list Calendars with Write Access


  • Fixed: 357079 – Agenda tab doesn’t update Today’s date after hibernating Windows
  • Fixed: 386479 – Switch to Calendar mode don’t work properly using buttons, Calendar menu or keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed (again): 388985 – Calendar color not applied in views – events are translucent
  • Fixed: 390300 – Open new event dialog from the today pane -> wrong default event length


  • Fixed: 396093 – Menu View -> Task List is broken, Task List is always visible


  • Fixed: 367159 – Date picker disappears after it is clicked on, before user selects a date

No outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker.

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 4 at time of writing)

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