2007-09-12 Sunbird 0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 244459 – Drag and drop ical (.ics) attachments from mail onto calendar
  • Fixed: 354194 – Disabling alarm of a snoozed task/events causes an error, menu items are disabled
  • Fixed: 371365 – Duplicates appear for alarms left in Calendar Alarm window
  • Fixed: 388094 – Alarm time exported incorrectly to iCalendar format (.ics) when time is greater than 7 days
  • Fixed: 393130 – Tasks list needs context menu
  • Fixed: 393608 – [Proto] Event dialog and Task dialog have no accesskeys
  • Fixed: 393969 – After deleting an event, some events overlapps
  • Fixed: 394025 – Removing last or selected calendar from list causes exception "Could not convert JavaScript argument"
  • Fixed: 394174 – Attendees list is blank in new event summary dialog
  • Fixed: 394183 – Task creation via double click in Task List is broken
  • Fixed: 395437 – ‘Dismiss All’ doesn’t dismiss all alarms (skips every second)

Common (Provider: CalDav – ICS/Webdav – Local Storage – WCAP):

  • Fixed: 387559 – Event creation/change fails if server requires authentication for write (PUT) but not for read (GET)
  • Fixed: 394169 – Unable to save attendee window after adding e-mail address


  • Fixed: 327751 – View buttons should be type=radio [Lightning]
  • Fixed: 353791 – Not possible to create new task when another task is selected
  • Fixed: 356824 – can’t add new task
  • Fixed: 360216 – Deleting multiple tasks in Todo tab deletes email due to focus issue
  • Fixed: 368075 – Remove em:updateURL from Lightnings install.rdf and let addons.mozilla.org handle all updates
  • Fixed: 372830 – Integrate UnifinderToDo into Lightning as it is in Sunbird


  • Fixed: 378557 – Custom command line handlers can’t prevent Sunbird from opening its window
  • Fixed: 379005 – Create Stub Extension that allows <em:requires> tags in Sunbird/Lightning Extensions

Outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker:

  • Fixed: 359443 – Deleting item from Agenda deletes an email instead

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 17 at time of writing)

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

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Sunbird builds:

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