2007-08-20 Sunbird 0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 388283 – minimonth needs refresh to display all days of a recurrence bold
  • Fixed: 388405 – Unify calendar list between lightning and sunbird
  • Fixed: 389245 – Clean up undismissed alarms on item modification/deletion
  • Fixed: 389540 – eliminate superfluous bindings in recurrence dialog implementation
  • Fixed: 389951 – Close-button in Today-pane is checked
  • Fixed: 389958 – Unify calAlarmMonitor/lightningAlarmMonitor and move to base
  • Fixed: 391062 – jsDate property is not correctly invalidated upon calDateTime modification
  • Fixed: 392326 – Always use C++ casts instead of NS_*_CAST macros
  • Fixed: 392387 – New Event / New Task context menu command no longer works
  • Fixed: 392388 – Changing date format or timezone preference causes error in calendar-management.js


  • Fixed: 340601 – Show category color indication on event/task boxes in calendar view
  • Fixed: 388985 – Calendar color not applied in views – events are translucent


  • Fixed: 392385 – Add-ons manager is broken

Outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker:

  • Fixed: 359443 – Deleting item from Agenda deletes an email instead
  • Fixed: 360216 – Deleting multiple tasks in Todo tab deletes email due to focus issue

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 38 at time of writing)

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

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Linux builds Official Linux .xpi

Mac builds Official Mac .xpt

Sunbird builds:

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Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)