2007-07-16 Sunbird 0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 189416 – View buttons should be type=radio
  • Fixed: 386236 – Remote Calendars are print the wrong time.
  • Fixed: 386483 – Allday event marks two days bold in minimonth
  • Fixed: 387549 – bad lineends in source files


  • Fixed: 332193 – Agenda shows past and finished tasks
  • Fixed: 376086 – Lightning does not support a multiweek view
  • Fixed: 382755 – Lightning fails to process iTIP/iMIP invitations sent by Groupwise server
  • Fixed: 387294 – width of left pane is not set properly at startup
  • Fixed: 387891 – Remove tasks icon from mode toolbar until task view is implemented

Outstanding bugs marked critical or blocker:

  • Fixed: 353470 – Deleting a Todo also deletes an Email

For outstanding bugs with severity level major and below, please see this list of bugs with 0.7+ flags. (Currently 36 at time of writing)

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

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Mac builds Official Mac .xpt

Sunbird builds:

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