2007-06-03 Thunderbird builds

No checkins during this period.

Thunderbird will be released *when it’s ready*. As Scott MacGregor goes, “ was tagged when Firefox was tagged. The build team may have cycles to start making a build for us to test next week or the week after. So it’ll be a couple weeks at least until we release a”

Outstanding bugs: (6)

  • Since 20 Jun 06: 342154 – No more confirmation dialog of attachment correctly saved if attachment file type listed as “save to disk” and “save without asking” option is checked
  • Since 20 Nov 06: 361279 – standalone mesage window: Unable to Retrieve Message when ‘Retrieve Headers Only’ applied
  • Since 21 Nov 06: 361417 – Crtl-Shift-A is no longer selecting the entire thread
  • Since 07 Jan 07: 366255 – Exception thrown in nsIEditor.inlineSpellChecker when opening/closing the compose window
  • Since 29 Jan 07: 368617 – Account setting “OK” button not saving data.
  • Since 24 Apr 07: 378635 – Tracking Bug: Bugs to Fix in TB2.0.0.x before offering a major update

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)