2007-05-11 Sunbird 0.5 builds


  • Fixed: 379462 – Changing timezone of event in various timezones isn’t possible


  • Fixed: 379876 – Shifted button labels on iMIP bar


  • Fixed: 372287 – Sunbird crashes on open in Mac OS 10.3, works in Mac OS 10.4

From the Calendar weblog:

“We will release RC1 for Linux and Windows once bug 377641 has been fixed. That will give most of you the chance to pound on those builds and identify potential last-minute blockers, while we are trying to fix the Mac OS X 10.3 bug.”

“If no other blockers arise from RC1, we will release 0.5 once bug 377641 gets fixed. If new blockers rise, we will likely release a 2nd release candidate (RC2).”

Note: bug 377641 has been fixed. Bug 372287 has also been fixed.

Outstanding bugs: (1)

  • Since 09 May 07: 380164 – Tracking bug for 0.5 RC1 Cleanup

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi

Mac builds Official Mac .xpt

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)