2007-04-12 Sunbird 0.5 builds


  • Fixed: 373742 – week view changes after reload

Common (Provider: CalDav – ICS/Webdav – Local Storage – WCAP):

  • Fixed: 376544 – checkbox for sending invitations by email with ICS provider calendar

Outstanding bugs: (7)

  • Since 29 Oct 05: 314339 – need to handle non-native timezone bits
  • Since 11 Oct 06: 356269 – localization will not work Lightning are always english
  • Since 25 Oct 06: 358000 – Unable to change calendar while editing a new event if read-only calendar selected
  • Since 17 Dec 06: 364148 – Freeze (hang) after creation of repeating event with interval greater than 32767
  • Since 01 Mar 07: 372287 – Sunbird crashes on open in Mac OS 10.3, works in Mac OS 10.4
  • Since 27 Mar 07: 375509 – No ‘Add To Calendar’ button in TB 1.5 when I get a mail with a attached *.ics-file
  • Since 01 Apr 07: 376167 – deleting n events only delete n/2 events

From the Calendar Weblog:

“Hi guys, we’re coming closer to the 0.5 every day and are just a handful of blocker bugs away from the release. The most notable fix in the last weeks was the fix for bug 368982 (visual enhancements to the event boxes – screenshots are in the bug). With this patch our views look much better and modern, where before they were pretty dull.”

Lightning vanilla .xpi:

Windows builds Official Windows .xpi

Linux builds Official Linux .xpi

Mac builds Official Mac .xpt

Sunbird builds:

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)