To be frank, I have received many comments (and occasional email), and while most of it is regarding Thunderbird, an increasing number is regarding the placement of advertisements here.

I’ve tried to relook at the site from a third party point of view by myself as well as by showing to my friends and colleagues, and to be honest, there is that sense of annoyance when someone has to scroll down to see the content itself, which is already wordy by nature.

However, this is a source of revenue for myself, and I do regard this as a form of payment for my work on Thunderbird changes. I’ve been volunteering for more than 2.5 years and I’d probably have pulled out more than a year ago if not for the ad income. Not many people donate either, but for those who did, I appreciate that. I will be starting university soon, and my university fees will be due in a couple of months time. If you do the calculations, this blog would have started out while I was in college.

Thus, as a form of compromise on my part, I will be removing the two biggest ad rectangles you currently see below the RSS link (and admittedly my biggest sources of income), as well as the link unit shown above the firefox banner and the Paypal button lower down, for everyone’s benefit, in celebration of the upcoming Thunderbird 2 release. Some might make a return, but most probably no longer be placed such that one would have to scroll down to see the latest content immediately. (I use high resolutions near 1280 x 1024 and can see the content at the bottom on page load but I didn’t think 800 x 600 users would have trouble reading the content at that time. Now I know.)

If there is someone who can advise me on better ad placement, I’m all for it. (you could say desperately needed; I’m not that professional.) I would want to resolve this before I create more backlash again.

Please drop me an email at swader – at – gmail [dot] com, if you wish to, or just add a comment below (hopefully honest as well).

Gary Kwong

(Thanks in part to Grey, after I stumbled on his blog Burnt Electrons, who posted his comments on this topic, and all the commenters over there as well.)

Edits: Grammar corrections. Also, the new placements are less intrusive.