2007-03-16 Thunderbird 2 builds

Account manager:

  • Fixed: 373570 – picking download new messages from account wizard causes “busy” alert

Build configuration:

  • Fixed: 370345 – no XPath in Thunderbird


  • Fixed: 368064 – Duplicate Sent folders is created
  • Fixed: 373787 – Cannot select dictionary with the same name as locale

UI improvements:

  • Fixed: 370575 – In <mail3PaneWindowCommands.js>, “Error: server has no properties” on “Tools” menu opening
  • Fixed: 373506 – A checkbox in the “View” drop-down list item of the toolbar
  • Fixed: 374017 – Mail item context menu has two items with ‘m’ accelerator

Miscellaneous fixes:

  • Fixed: 283729 – Startup errors/warnings in JavaScript console (trunk)


  • Fixed: 373856 – Mail fails to select startup folder with global inbox in Tb 2.0

Outstanding bugs: (7)

  • Since 23 Dec 05: 321371 – error message “error truncating the Inbox you may need to delete INBOX.msf
  • Since 20 Jun 06: 342154 – No more confirmation dialog of attachment correctly saved if attachment file type listed as “save to disk” and “save without asking” option is checked
  • Since 07 Jul 06: 343901 – cannot install dictionaries in thunderbird since bug 216382 landed
  • Since 20 Nov 06: 361279 – standalone mesage window: Unable to Retrieve Message when ‘Retrieve Headers Only’ applied
  • Since 21 Nov 06: 361417 – Crtl-Shift-A is no longer selecting the entire thread
  • Since 07 Jan 07: 366255 – Exception thrown in nsIEditor.inlineSpellChecker when opening/closing the compose window
  • Since 29 Jan 07: 368617 – Account setting “OK” button not saving data.

Release candidate update from Scott MacGregor:

“We hit our code and string freeze deadline last week for Thunderbird 2. We are currently in a holding pattern waiting for release cycles to do the heavy lifting for actually tagging, setting up the release machines, making the RC, generating the update diffs, pushing the updates out to the beta channel, dealing with l10n, etc. I’ll keep you posted when that process starts.”

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (Universal binary)