Tracking of Sunbird changes

I am starting a new category for the tracking of Sunbird’s development. Despite being a project in its infancy, I have decided to cover this application as well, because of its close integration with Thunderbird through Lightning.

The coverage will be as follows: As changes continue to be made, I will start off with tracking Sunbird through the Sunbird category and, for the moment, 0-5 signifying all the changes up to release 0.5 (hopefully from 0.3). XULRunner, the common foundation from which Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird come from, will still be covered through the Thunderbird posts as per normal.

For the Sunbird posts, bugs fixed under mozilla/calendar will be tracked here, splitting the Sunbird-only and the Lightning-only bugs from the main body as well. Release changelogs similar to the ones currently made for Thunderbird will be made for Sunbird as well, to be linked to from official Sunbird release notes.

Hopefully this arrangement will encourage more development on a most promising project still in its infancy. Do note that as the tacking continues over the weeks, there might be minor changes to the way they are tracked as well.