Odometer stopped working

Yes, I know, the odometer has stopped working, and I think it has something to do with the server side controls. mozillaZine.org is hosted over at Oregon University, and they changed certain configurations over at their side sometime this month. I’ve sent an email to the mozillaZine webmaster but I think the process takes time.

In the meantime, just bear with it. Let’s hope that somebody can help with this (I’m not very sure what they initially did to enable it to work); to get it up and running when Thunderbird 2.0 comes out in the future.

Edit: One of the mozillaZine admins, Jason Kersey, has just sent me an email regarding the situation. The counter had been extremely resource-heavy, and according to him, “Every time someone visits your site, it would take up another apache slot, and eventually fill everything up. This, combined with the Firefox 2.0 release, was basically taking the site down. Right now, it’ll have to remain off until one of us can figure out the bug. “

I have only basic experience (extremely little to the point of insignificance) in Apache. This would have to wait, then. Any Apache professionals to offer their help?

Hope this clears things up.