OSL Rackathon 2006

As reported over at mozillaZine.org,

“As many of you know, we utilize Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab for our hosting and support. They do a fantastic job of taking care of us here, as well as a number of other great projects including phpBB, Drupal, Gentoo, mozdev, the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation, and many others. The OSL is kicking off their 2006 Rackathon today to raise money in support of their efforts to provide great hosting support to the Open Source community. In lieu of our traditional mozillaZine donation drive, we ask that you donate directly to the Open Source Lab, which will help increase the capacity of OSL to not only help us here at mozillaZine, but all the other great projects hosted at the OSL.”

For a one-time US$10 donation to The Rumbling Edge upkeep instead, head over to the donations page.