2006-04-27 Thunderbird builds

Major bugfixes:

  • Fixed: 301308 – Crash [@ nsMsgGroupView::~nsMsgGroupView]
  • Fixed: 332119 – IMAP folders: if sum of characters in foldernames to long TB crashes or loops when you access the last folder in chain.

Security issue:

  • Fixed: 334341 – Using image tags with a non image file, and selected view image, file will still load up, allowing access to system resources

Build configuration:

  • Fixed: 324240 – Update OS/2 ReadMe files (newsgroup change, new libc)


  • Fixed: 312009 – IMAP capability flags remembered across capability responses

Command-line options:

  • Fixed: 322808 – Can not launch my own extension using the “-chrome” option.


  • Fixed: 179056 – “Check for new message every” stops after hibernate
  • Fixed: 268746 – unable to reply, fwd, move or copy .eml opened from disk
  • Fixed: 334944 – Firefox printing content of <noscript> tag


  • Fixed: 331676 – Crash on search in threaded mode

Outstanding bugs:

  • Since 23 Mar 06: 331511 – [Mac-only] Running PPC profile on the Intel Mac UB causes issues

The filenames still consist of numbering as they have not been changed yet.

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds Official Mac (~11mb), Nightly universal build (~18mb)