Potential site improvements

  1. I implemented a Thunderbird counter some time ago, as you can see on the left sidebar. I was thinking whether it would be possible to have some of parsing done on the odometer numbers. The idea is to automatically track the download numbers and the dates and export them to some sort of .csv format where it would be possible to plot them on a graph. This would help track download numbers especially regarding future Thunderbird 2.0 releases, similar to one that Asa Dotzler created for Firefox.
  2. Another idea would be to have a java applet which, on a separate page, would allow users to verify their downloads with known MD5 / SHA-1 hashes. However, I have been unsuccessful in this field so far, mostly due to lack of time. This is not as important though.
  3. Finally, would an FAQ be useful for this site? I certainly think so, as there is much technical stuff here that the average computer joe wouldn’t know about. What top 10 questions would fit this site?

Any other comments / suggestions / improvements? Not all would be implemented though, but it would be a good chance to voice out your opinions to improve this site.

Edit: Keep those emails coming! I hope to work on these in the future. Feel free to email me to suggest more stuff.