Tabs in Thunderbird – Status Update

Recently, there has been some development work on bringing Firefox’s tabbed interface over to Thunderbird, hopefully by version 2.0. However, due to circumstances, the volunteer at the heart of this new feature is unable to carry on as of end of January. The advantages of using tabs over windows is applicable to both applications as using tabs have been shown to reduce memory usage, taskbar clutter and increased accessibility etc.

The bug listed is 297379. The stalling of this bug may – potentially – affect the future release features of 2.0 if nothing gets done. For those of you expecting this new feature, you may have to wait a little longer while this gets resolved.

Additionally, a new Thunderbird roadmap was released by Scott MacGregor on 14 Feb. It lists the potential release date of 2.0 to be around October 2006 (Late Fall). “Dates shown above are tentative and serve only to give you an idea of the relative position of one release from another.” The old 1.5 roadmap is still available here.

Some potential new features of 2.0, as listed in the roadmap:

  • Tools for organizing and managing e-mail
    • Custom Folder Pane Views such as favorites, unread and recently used.
    • Message Tagging
    • Tabbed Messages
  • Be Informative
    • New Mail Alert Improvements
    • Folder Summary Popups
  • Help Fight Junk Mail
    • Improve the current bayesian based algorithm
    • Token Store Pruning / Aging