2006-01-22 Thunderbird 1.5.0.x builds

Thunderbird 1.5.0.x (for code off the MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH) will be released from the Gecko 1.8 branch, but will only contain stability and security updates. 1.5 users should update if bugs prevalent in 1.5 are fixed in these new versions.

No checkins during this period.

Outstanding bugs:

  • Since 19 Jan 04: 231541 – “Leave messages on server” should be chosen by default (dataloss)
  • Since 22 Aug 04: 256510 – Return receipts don’t use Multiple identities
  • Since 01 Dec 04: 272729 – Import of mozilla profile reports success even though disk full and not all mails imported
  • Since 04 Nov 05: 315057 – Display – Fonts tab: The pull-down menu of Character Encodings doesn’t work.
  • Since 02 Jan 06: 322172 – bump copyright year to 2006

The fixes and bugs listed above are applicable to both 1.5.0.x and 2.x releases, as 1.8.0.x has not yet been created off the 1.8.x branch.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion on 2006-01-19 builds)

Linux builds: Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds: Official Mac