Thunderbird 1.5 RC 2 Test Builds Available

Thunderbird 1.5 Release Candidate 2 test builds have been released. Scott MacGregor adds,

“We’ve got some new en-US bits that we hope to release as Thunderbird RC2 (hopefully before winter holidays). The QA and release teams at Mozilla are still tied up with post Firefox 1.5 related work. But David Bienvenu and I thought that doesn’t mean we can’t jump start the testing on Thunderbird 1.5 bits by leveraging all of you.”

“If you are a nightly, beta or just a general Thunderbird fan, we need your help testing these Thunderbird 1.5 RC2 candidate builds for en-US. We believe we have zero stop ship bugs at this time. If nothing serious enough to warrant a respin comes up from our testing, they will eventually be released as Thunderbird 1.5.”

“I’m hoping the nightly and trunk testers can spend some time using these RC builds instead of the regular nightlies for a while. Bonus points if you test around areas you may not normally use (i.e. create some filters, use the address book, create some new accounts, try setting up a new profile, etc.).”

“We really appreciate any help you can give us with testing on these builds.”

7 fixes since 1.5 RC 1:

  • Fixed: 173924 – Doesn’t fetch new mail after a random period
  • Fixed: 313422 – Thunderbird hangs on “verifying”, when subscribing to a new RSS 0.90 feed
  • Fixed: 317396 – templates disappear when saving
  • Fixed: 299395 – extension list uses hard-coded background color — unreadable with light-text OS theme
  • Fixed: 308311 – Local Folders – Changing directory not possible
  • Fixed: 314754 – ‘Extension compatibility updates’ check never completes
  • Fixed: 316868 – RSS2 dc:creator is broken

No known major regressions.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux (i686)

Mac builds: Official Mac