2005-11-25 to 2005-11-30 Branch builds

There have been no checkins nor any reports of major regressions / bugs in the Gecko 1.8 branch during this period.

As for the estimated Thunderbird 1.5 release date, Scott MacGregor suggests using Thunderbird 1.5 RC 1 first:

“Once we finish up firefox 1.5 we’ll sit down and figure out our QA and release resources for when we can get a 1.5 final out for Thunderbird. I’m hopeful it could be before the holidays but then again the holidays aren’t that far away!

The Rumbling Edge will bring you the latest when more information is available.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion) (2005-11-30)

Linux builds: Official Linux (i686) (2005-11-30)

Mac builds: Official Mac (2005-11-30)