2005-08-09 to 2005-08-13 Trunk builds

Major bugfixes:

  • Fixed: 302006 – Fix wrong label/acceskey assignment

Normal bugfixes:

  • Fixed: 303944 – Action list in filter editor window has fixed width -> action strings truncated
  • Fixed: 303997 – finddialog.xul: wrong entity for radioDown accesskey

Trivial changes:

  • Fixed: 284369 – UI for encrypted messages that can’t be decrypted not dramantic.
  • Fixed: 304042 – Please add separator line under “Check for updates” like in firefox

New enhancement:

  • Fixed: 302075 – Add a link in mail start page to download dictionaries


  • Fixed: 304174 – Too many default client prompts on Mac startup


  • Since 18 May 04: 243975 – [Mac] Unable to save attachment using “Open” or “Save As”
  • Since 08 Sep 04: 258465 – Duplicate entries appear in feeds
  • Since 18 Mar 05: 286779 – EULA for Thunderbird in all builds
  • Since 14 Jul 05: 300773 – Thunderbird 1.0.5 name misspelled in release

The Mozilla 1.8 branch has been created and Thunderbird 1.5 (along with Firefox 1.5) will be released from this branch. Only bugfixes and stability improvements will be accepted in this branch, similar to the current state of the Aviary branch. Meanwhile, new features will move into the trunk after its reopening but these features will not make it into Thunderbird 1.5. For more information, please read this post over @ The Burning Edge. I’ll be adopting a wait-and-see approach to whether The Rumbling Edge should follow the branch or the trunk.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion) (2005-08-13)

Linux builds: Official Linux (2005-08-13)

Mac builds: Official Mac (2005-08-13)