Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 2 is out!

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Last updated 16 Jul 05.

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 2 has been released with bugfixes and improvements over 1.1 Alpha 1. Since it is a release aimed at developers only and bugs are expected to be present, it is NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED in a production environment.

All feedback is welcomed on the new features in this post at mozillaZine forums where known issues and more information about this developer release can also be found.

Critical bugfixes:

  • 292101: emails have lost their correct message and have text from other messages, a few of the messages are now blank – correct messages were present before they arrived
  • 296940: Update Changes Cause Thunderbird to Enter an Infinite Loop
  • 299473: Not possible to enter data in account setting fields
  • 300092: Installer shows NO text – only the variables names are shown
  • 238614: TB09 crashed after cancelling message send operation
  • 254527: TB09 crashes when using a symlink to a signature file
  • 260034: Cannot send mail if temporary directory contains non-ascii characters
  • 284083: crash [ @ nsDBFolderInfo::GetTransferInfo :970 ]
  • 292041: Crash on some drag and drop of mail from current messages list into IMAP folders
  • 295750: crash after deleting a virtual folder – Trunk TB11a1
  • 296520: Mails incorrectly deleted when using “Delete messages more than xx days”
  • 298479: renamed email folder to name of deleted search folder. All data lost.

New Features & Improvements:

  • 298969: Ability to create message filter actions for forwarding and replying (with a template)
  • 283735, 297804: Export RSS feeds to OPML format (Ability to import feeds was implemented in 1.1 Alpha 1)
  • 242959, 261559: Support for .eml file type association
  • 269483: Newly implemented but currently disabled software update system
  • 256545, 297360: Improved user interface for building up search criteria
  • 290237: Support for server side spam filtering
  • 289091: Improved processing of return receipts for IMAP users
  • 288273, 298860: Improvements to 1.1 Alpha 1’s new feature of deleting attachments from emails
  • Many other bugfixes

Windows builds: Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux

Mac builds: Official Mac