Thunderbird hits 1,000,000 in 10 days

My first reaction was: WOW. Ok, a browser reaching a million is kind of normal, as it is something that everyone will use when using a computer. But an email client? Hitting a million is a probability esp with corporations using Thunderbird but in a mere 10 days? Thus, WOW. You are doing a great job, Mozilla. Kudos to the Thunderbird team esp Scott MacGregor & the rest. Comes with 21 languages too. WOW.

Now we have 2 projects out released as 1.0 which are getting the headlines. That’s Firefox + Thunderbird. With 2 great “Edging” sites, TBE & TRE. There is hope as (hopefully) Mozilla expands to include more developers under its hood to continue on projects like Sunbird (Calendar) and Nvu (WYSIWYG editor) (Again hopefully, though improbable). They already have developers such as Daniel Glazman for Nvu, but it’ll be great if more joined in. Not to forget (hopefully) The Shining Edge (Sunbird) or The N-View Edge (Nvu). Anyway that’s enough of dreaming. 🙂

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